Review: Pretend to Be – Queen of Hearts Dressing Up Outfit

Those of you who know Emmy personally will know of her love of dressing up – there doesn’t have to be an occasion for her to dress up in either a pretty party dress or a dressing up outfit.  Infact she has 2 large double wardrobes in her bedroom and one of these is solely dedicated to her dress up clothes and accessories.
She was rather disappointed when we received the letter home from School for World Book Day as her School were only wearing hats with a theme of ‘Hats off to reading’, there may have been a little strop between you and I as she was so looking forward to loosing her uniform and wearing a dressing up costume.
She didn’t have to wait too long though as Pretend to Be asked if she would like to choose a costume from their site.  I decided to surprise her and opted for one she doesn’t already have – The Queen of Hearts.
She has been really enjoying The Wizard of Oz so I thought it may be a perfect addition to her wardrobe seeing as she already has an Alice costume.
In typical Emmy fashion, as soon as she arrived home from School she tried it on and it fitted.  I went for the size 5-7 although secretly worried it could be a little short as she is tall and wears age 6-7 clothes and these type of outfits can come up small, but I needn’t have worried, it was actually on the large side with lots of room for growth; as children seem to do in spurts far too often (usually as soon as you’ve purchased new clothes for them!).
Pretend to be, dressing up, review
This outfit is a one piece which fastens with Velcro down the back.  A Red and Black Satin dress with a hooped bottom – the hoop helps to keep the fullness of the dress and the shape in place.  There is a White collar which is supposed to stand up however we have found this flops straight down again whenever we have tried to do so.  Featuring a White front inset to the full red skirt with 2 large hearts.  This dress stands out because of the contrasting colours and the Red sequined detailing to the top accented with Gold sequins on the front and collar.

Made from 100% Polyester this outfit is machine washable on a low heat setting, I would recommend turning inside out before doing so.  Due to the material it can look creased as in the picture above but I find if you hang on a coat hanger in the bathroom while you have a hot shower or while you run a hot bath the steam helps to get the creases out effort free!  It does tend to crease when sat on but that tend to be the case with most dressing up outfits.

This is a comfortable outfit to wear which will have your little one looking like a queen with no extra accessories needed, of course you could team with face paint and a crown if you wanted to but it really isn’t necessary.

This outfit is available in two sizes: 3-5 years and 5-7 years and costs £19.95.  The sizing is rather generous (Emmy is 6 years old).

Available along with many other dressing up outfits from

Disclaimer:  We received this outfit in exchange for a honest review.

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