A run of bad luck and illnesses

Do you ever have a week or even a month where everything seems to go wrong at the very same time?
I honestly thought that last year’s run of bad luck was our lot. I mean seriously just how unlucky can one family be? But I was very wrong.
This year started off OK but there has just been an endless stream of bad luck and illnesses plaguing us for the past month- 6 weeks.
The thing is they happen gradually, maybe one or two a week to begin with they aren’t noticed and it’s not until you stop and look back that you realise how many little things there have been.

It was yesterday it actually dawned on me the long stream of little things were happening yet again when I had to cancel our Anniversary plans as Emmy was off sick for the third day that week. She and I had a stomach bug at the beginning of the week so that meant 2 days off school,  she’d gone back in on Wednesday and Thursday only to wake up at 1am being sick all over her bed…..the bed I’d only just changed that evening.


Paul and I had arranged for my best friend to have the children so we could go to the cinema and out for a meal. Of course I cancelled.
There has been the 3 weeks I was out of action due to having the flu and then the children getting a nasty virus, with no energy and little sleep due to coughs and cold all round I got very behind on all work and of course the housework.  This resulted in missed deadlines,  missed meetings and a couple of events.  The children got bored and there were days I couldn’t manage to even walk the dog.
The car broke down not once but twice in a matter of weeks,  the tax is due and we’ve needed 4 new tires and new brake pads.  It all happens at the sane time doesn’t it?
And do you know what else? The washing machine is broken too…..I’ve been repairing the minor little things myself, watching YouTube videos and reading up on household maintenance DIY after purchasing a Women’s Home DIY*
book as I do like to try to save money where I can but it’s almost time to admit there’s only so many times I can sort it myself.
Tell me I’m not alone in thinking I’m kinda cursed? Surely it’s time for a winning lottery ticket soon otherwise I may need to book in for a FUE hair transplant when I’ve finished tearing my hair all out! Failing that I’ll definitely be in need of another bottle of hair dye as I’m sure the grey hairs will be popping through soon.”This is a collaborative post”
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Women’s Home DIY



3 thoughts on “A run of bad luck and illnesses

  1. You are not alone we had a rubbish end to the year and it is seeming to continue on this year! Like you say little things but all add up! Hope you luck turns better soon x

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