Review: Step2 Water Wheel Play Table from Activity Toys Direct

Yes I know it’s Winter and it’s freezing but do the kids care?  Of course they don’t!
Water play doesn’t always have to be done outside, I know it’s easier to clean up out there but a little prep and indoor water play is great fun.
As I have already reviewed a sand & water table from Activity Toys Direct when they sent this one for our next review I sent it round to my nephews to play with (Max and Jamie are my best friends youngest children,  obviously not my blood family but Ruth and I are like Sisters, we call each other Sisters and to the kids I am Auntie Clare).
Review, activity toys direct, step2 water wheel play table
The Step2 Water Wheel Play Table is a lovely size if you have a small kitchen or limited garden space.  Standing at 70.9cm tall and 80cm wide.
Inside the box are 3 legs, the water table body and the water wheel, a cup and 2 boats.
Setting up couldn’t be easier, no tools are.required as you just push the 3 legs into place and stand upright.
Step2 Water Wheel Play Table, review,
Push the water wheel into the slot and you are set to go.
Just add water and play.
Hours of fun for all ages.
It does look small in these pictures as the boys are a little older than my children but it’s actually a perfect height as all ages can play with this from around 18 months upwards.  You can fit up to 3 children around this water table but I think 2 works best as there are 2 seperate water sections – take one each for less arguments (lets face it, there will always be a few squabbles no matter what the size of the table).
Review, step2 water wheel play table,
This is one of the basic style water tables with no lid to it however it is lightweight so when not in use you can tip the water out and upend to keep clean if you wanted to.
If you don’t fancy adding water to this in the house, why not do what we do with ours and fill with pasta or even shaving foam.
Priced at £39.99 but currently on offer for £29.99.  Available from Activity Toys Direct.
Disclaimer: I was sent this item as part of our ambassadors role in exchange for a honest review (prices correct at time of publishing)

3 thoughts on “Review: Step2 Water Wheel Play Table from Activity Toys Direct

  1. This looks like a really nice one and I love water play tables, my kids can spend ages playing with them. I love it when the weather's a bit warmer and they can be outside playing with it, perfect!!

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