Review: Toogies – Wearable soft plush toys

Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best ones.
Have you ever been out with your child and they suddenly get bored – a Supermarket, Doctors waiting room or waiting too long in your local shop where you’ve popped for a pint of milk?  These are typical places where I wouldn’t necessarily have a changing bag rammed with entertaining materials – you know as us Mum’s do!
Two friend’s both called Noa got together and have created an adorable range of wearable toys.
Toogiez are soft plush toys which stick onto a T-shirt.  There are a whole range of different Toogiez from a Pirate and Fireman, to Superwoman and a Ballerina and also animals too. 

There is a Toogiez to suit everyone.  Just see for yourselves.




I was asked if I would like to try one of these for either Emmy or Harry, now I couldn’t decide who would love it most, and, as I adored the idea so much there was only one thing to do….I bought a second one.
I thought these would be perfect for our trip to Nottingham this weekend where I will be Skydiving raising funds for the Lullaby Trust.  I thought they would both be able to wear these in the car and play with their plush toys in the car.
For Emmy I chose a Ballerina and it had to be a Pirate for Harry.
Emmy’s arrived with a White T-shirt with Pink hearts on.  Her ballerina attaches to the front with pink Velcro.  Harry’s arrived also with a White T-shirt however his has Blue stars on the front and his Toogiez attaches with Blue Velcro.
I was actually surprised at how strong the Velcro was – both children could run around, jump on the trampoline and generally be as boisterous as always and these toys didn’t fall off!  These also wash really well and I’ve even washed the pals – they haven’t lost any of there stick and look just as good as when they arrived.
The lovely thing about these toys and T-shirts are that they are interchangeable.  You can buy a set of Toogiez plush toys and wear whichever you fancy on the day.
Emmy thought it was great fun to wear Harry’s Pirate on her T-Shirt – Harry on the otherhand was rather peeved at Emmy attaching a Ballerina to his.
Toogiez has just launched on a KickStarter scheme – this means they need YOU!!  If you like the look of this product then please register your interest by backing them.  This project will only go ahead with your help.
I’ve backed them and love these – will you?  You can do so by clicking here.
You can support them with as little as $1 however for $18 you will be sent a Toogiez pal and T-shirt of your choice.  There are various options available including $35 for 1 T-shirt and 3 pals of your choice – however if you are wanting presents for Christmas how about the top sponsorship package of 10 T-Shirts and 10 pals of your choice?
The T-shirts we have are a prototype only and the new ones are shown below:
Disclaimer: We were sent one of these for review purposes, all thoughts are our own.  I have also backed the kickstart scheme and wish the 2 Noa’s the best of luck.


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