Reward Cards Can Help To Save Money

With the Easter holidays now here for us (and almost here for other schools) that means the summer holidays are approaching way too quickly.
That can obviously be an expensive time for all, whether it means added childcare costs, time off of work or just the days outs and holidays, having the kids at home for 6 weeks can get expensive.
I’ve been taking a look this week at reward credit cards to see if these can help to save money.
There are various different ones around which of course and depending on the type will depend on the rewards available.
Here are a few options available :
TSB Avios Card:  Collect points which can be redeemed against flights,  hotels,  holidays and days outs.   You can collect 1 Avios point for every £1 with the American Express card and 1 point for every £5 with the MasterCard.
Santander 123 Credit Card: Earning monthly cashback on your everyday spending. 3% cashback on fuel, National Rail and TFL, 2% cashback at department stores and 1% cashback at supermarkets.
M&S Credit Card: Comes with £5 worth of M&S points and earn M&S points when you shop.
Tesco Credit Card: Earn Tesco clubcard points when you shop
These are only a few of the options available – the list is endless and you will need to look around to find one which is best suited to your usage – Martin Lewis has a very good write up which helps to explain the in’s and out’s and to help you better understand your options.
Of course as with all credit cards it is best to pay off the balance monthly as paying only the minimum each month will take longer to clear the balance and obviously interest will be added monthly at various rates depending of which card you have.
Used sensibly though this can be a good way of getting extra rewards for buying things you normally would anyway.
Also remember to get reward cards for supermarkets and to use them, it’s amazing how quickly the rewards start coming in.
I use my Tesco reward card all the time and exchange the vouchers for days out or meals, only last month I exchanged ours for Pizza Express vouchers and took 7 of us out for a family meal for which I only had to pay for the drinks!
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