School dress up days – never ending

This year at school it’s been relentless,  March especially has been the worst month.
Each week I’m now dreading opening Emmy’s book bag as there will be another letter wanting more money for something or another.
Cake sales, book sales, school trips, school photos, non uniform day, charity events…the list goes on.
I understand completely that the kids have lots of fun on these days but seriously a dress up day every single Friday for the past 6 weeks is a bit much for any parent.
It’s not even about the £1 which needs paying every time it’s more about the effort involved in finding a suitable outfit.
Recently we’ve had:
  • Odd sock day
  • Pirates and Princesses
  • Non uniform day and I actually can’t even remember why that was!
  • World Book Day
  • Red Nose Day
  • And this past Friday Emmy’s class theme for dress up day was Greece, to coincide with Geography week.  Each class has a different country.
Now Emmy does love dressing up and has a whole wardrobe dedicated to dressing up clothes but I do feel for the parents who’s children don’t like dressing up and don’t already have these types of clothes in the house ready.
I was very lucky with this last theme as at Christmas I worked with a company ‘Me and my World‘ for my Christmas gift guides, this company sell creative activity learning packs.  One of the ranges they sell are ‘I’m learning about….’ sets which are in their curriculum range – it just so happens that back in December when they asked if I would like to choose a gift for Emmy that I chose the “I’m learning about Romans” set – my thoughts were that a little further up in her school year she would be learning about this so would come in very handy.
Little did I know it would come in useful just so soon as I chose a bigger size thinking she would need it in a year or two.  With the aid of wonderweb and an iron I was able to take this dress up by about 5 inches and Emmy was ready for her Greece themed dress up day in her Goddess outfit and gold leaf head band.
Emmy loved dressing up as a Goddess and especially loved that her friends didn’t have the same outfits and that her friends wanted her dress. 
For Pirates and Princesses dress up day this was as her class were talking about Peter Pan so widened the theme a little – while most of the girls in her class went dressed up in their best princess dresses, including lots of Elsa’s, Emmy couldn’t wait to be a pirate.
She loves playing pirates and has an adorable pink, black and white pirates dress which I bought last year in TK Maxx at some point.  She also took her pink telescope and pink pirates hat she chose when we went to the Sealife centre recently.
For World Book Day she chose a Little Red Riding Hood outfit from Asda and as not to be left out we chose Harry a Batman outfit – these were kindly sent to us for this occasion by Asda and will make a great addition to any dressing up box for children.
The Red Riding Hood outfit is a knee length dress with has a mock apron and a checked skirt topped with netting.  This also comes with a separate hooded red cape, a shopping basket and 2 finger puppets – Grandma and the big bad wolf.  Available in a range of sizes from aged 3 all the way up to age 12, with prices starting from £10. 

Emmy loved this outfit and spent ages role playing with me or Harry having to be Grandma or the wolf.  She added toy cakes to her basket before wearing to school.

The Batman outfit come with an all in one suit with padded chest and arm areas, a detachable belt and a separate cape with hood.  This is a very cute outfit and Harry happily wore it all day, only removing his cape to reveal his identity after a few hours.  Available in a range of sizes and fully washable too.  Priced from £12.50.
For Red Nose Day the children were asked to wear red clothes, this was actually very handy for us as we picked Emmy straight up from School and headed off for a weekend away at Chessington.  She chose her outfit herself with red leggings with white and a matching long sleeved top.
I love watching the children in the playground before school on dressing up days – the girls are all the same, they unzip each others coats or run up to each other asking to see what their friends are wearing.  It really is very cute.
I’m thinking we have now had our share of dressing up days for a while, but knowing our school I’m sure there will be another occasion just around the corner.
Do your children have this many at school?

Disclaimer:  We were sent some of the above outfits for the purpose of these dressing up days.


24 thoughts on “School dress up days – never ending

  1. Lovely outfits! I totally agree that there are lots of dressing up days in school. This is my sons first year in school and we have had lots very similar to you and this week they have to make easter bonnets! I love the sound of the me and my world packs though!


  2. I remember when my girls were much younger they used to have these dress up days and I used to mkae their out fits nowadays its so convenient that you can get these themed cloths in most supermarkets. Your daughter looks great in all the outfits.

  3. I dreaded dressing up days when my kids where at Primary school because both of mine hated dressing up for school. They were much happier looking like everyone else in their school uniforms!

  4. omg i know what you mean, it seems like its every other week they are doing this at school and it gets rather boring to the point your sick of putting them in the same outfit each time

  5. That does seem a little excessive though you should come to France. We're the extreme opposite with none at all! Well…a tiny one at carnival time in February, if everything goes well, ie no one is punished, the weather is perfect, there are no terrorist threats (I'm not kidding, when France is on high alert like after Charlie Hebdo, school activities get cancelled) then the kids get to dress up for half of an afternoon!!!

  6. The non uniform and dress up days continue through out their school life and I have been noticing that a lot of parents are now forking out for some great outfits rather than making them at home. I often feel so pressurised into keeping up with the rest of the class.

  7. That does sound like an excessive number of non uniform days. We had World book day dress up and have two coming up when the kids wear their own uniform and take Easter chocolate for the Easter Fayre. It is fun but I agree it can also be hard work especially for the parents! I love the Little Red Riding outfit on your daughter though – so cute. My son wanted to go as The Jolly Postman but I couldnt cobble together the right outfit so he wore a tiger onesie and went as The Tiger Who Came to Tea!

  8. Some beautiful little people you have there. I hope George doesn't have to dress up too much for school as he hates dressing up, Molly on the other hand loves it so I am going to make her a frozen Elsa dress.

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