Schools out for Summer – 10 cheap boredom busting ideas

That’s it, Summers here!

For us school has already finished and the job of keeping the “I’m bored” remarks at bay has begun.
I recently attended an event with where the focus was on entertaining kids over the summer in an inexpensive way.

Here is a list of 10 cheap ideas to keep the children’s boredom at bay. (Some idea’s are ours and others VocherCodes).

1. Make playdough.

We do this often and have a very simple recipe here.  The kids love to help with this and have just as much fun making it as they do then playing with it. 

Try jazzing up with flavouring’s and/or glitter.

Emmy at the VoucherCodes event
2. Workbooks.

Doing a page a day doesn’t feel like a chore and it will help your child’s continued learning throughout the hoildays. There are so many available depending on your child’s age and ability. We are currently working through a maths book with Emmy.

3. Drawing.

If they are fed up with colouring books etc. Why not get hold of a cheap clear shower curtain (poundland, homebargains or even your local market are good for finding these), tape it to the floor and let your child’s imagination run wild. How about making a race track for cars, or even a fairy palace?

Photo credit: Vouchercodes
4. Dressing up.

Raid your own wardrobe for old scarves,  wraps, hats, bags etc. Kids love these juat as much as princess and TV character dress up outfits. 

5. Baking.

Making cakes and biscuits is always a hit in this house not only do they like making them but eating them after is always fun.  If your not the greatest baker you can always decorate shop bought biscuits – try making faces with icing and various sweets.

6. A nature walk.

Take a bag or a basket with you and head out for a nature walk. Let the kids collect anything of interest and pop into their bags (within reason obviously…no glass but leaves, twigs, flowers and stones are fine)

7. A nature picture. 

Using your collection from your nature walk create a nice picture using card, paper and glue to sick it all together.

8. Salt dough necklaces. 

Salt dough is easy to make, we have a salt dough recipe here.

Make beads and add holes through with a straw/cocktail stick. Cook in the oven.
Once cooled paint, allow to dry and then thread onto a length of wool/cord.

We love these. You can get hold of them cheaply on Amazon (I’ve just bought 18 packs for under £5). Open a pack and soak in water for 4 hours. The tiny beads absorb the water and swell.  Let the kids play. They feel very strange and squishy to touch. Add animals, boats etc and have fun.

10. Complete the library challenge.

Your local library will have a reading challenge on for the kids. Younger children have to read (or listen to) 6 books over the holidays. You then need to talk to the librarian about your books. You will receive a certificate and a medal at the end of the holidays upon completion. 

Older children have 4 longer books to read themselves and will receive a voucher to hire a DVD from the library at the end.

How will you be saving money and stopping boredom over the holidays?

Thanks to for a wonderful event. Emmy had a great day out.

Edit:  The Maths workbook Emmy is completing is the Gold Stars Starting Maths book for 3 – 5 year olds. Widgets

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