Shiny new shoes #Review

Emmy’s first day at her new Nursery is on Thursday which means the frantic rush to make sure we are School ready has begun.
Last year being in Pre-School she could wear whatever she liked however now she has a School uniform to adhere to.
Feet measuring at clarksWe’ve begun kitting her out from to to toe and today was the turn of shiny new School Shoes.  Off to Clarks we went and it was the first time she got to use the measuring machine instead of the hand held one. This she loved and she giggled while it measured away.

Her feet are slightly different sizes, both bordering on the beginning of a size 9 and 1 a F width and the other a G.

She then picked out 4 shoes she liked and we begun trying them on.
Clarks school shoes, back to school, clarks, school shoes size 9,
Clarks back to school range this year are rather cute with the designs she picked out resembling Ballet pump styles, some with bows and some with hearts on them.
3 of the 4 fitted her and Emmy being Emmy she wanted them all.  Finally she narrowed her choice down and we came home with these:
Clarks school shoes, back to school, clarks, school shoes size 9,
These are called Dance Tune Inf and were priced at only £25 which I thought was very reasonable for well fitting shoes which are made to last.
I’m glad she chose these as they were my favourites too and means she can wear them to parties and special occasions too.   I prefer the patent styles as they can be wiped down easily and kept clean…well as clean as being worn everyday to school by a 3 year old as they can.
Just to be sure I picked up a patent fixer which looks just like black nail varnish, this can be painted over the scraps and scuffs when they appear.
You can find the full Clarks back to school range on their website
Disclosure: We were sent a voucher to cover the costs of these shoes however thoughts and opinions are our own.

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