Letting you in on my sleeping habits (or lack of) for Sleeptember

Pre-children I worked as a Nanny for a family who both worked in London, this meant they needed to leave early to catch their train and I would need to leave even earlier just to get there in time.  I started work at 7.30am and lived a 45 minute drive away.  I would get everything I needed ready for work the night before, lay it all out ready to grab, set my alarm for 6am and be out the door and in the car by 6.35am at the latest to ensure a little time for that hand-over chat, to see how the kids had slept and catch up on messages.  They returned home from work at 7.30pm and I would generally be home around an hour later.
Of course by the weekends this working week took it’s toll and I would happily laze in be until at least midday catching up on lost sleep, watching TV and having general lazy me time.
Fast forward to having my own children and my wake up time is still around the same only there is no alarm these days, that would be the children.  I then work in the evenings once they are in be on the laptop until around midnight before heaving a very body into bed.  I lay awake for around 40 minutes before I finally drift off to sleep and generally around 2am every since night Emmy will wake and come into my bed.  If I have the energy I will take her back to her room, I try to be good and get her sleeping in there only many times I have NO energy left to move so she stays with me, other times I don’t wake when she just climbs in.
For the past few months Harry has been waking between 3-4am and coming to wake me, if I let him into my bed he will go back to sleep, if I try to get him back into his bed he will eventually settle back but if I get in to (a reason for getting him his new single bed).  I’ve written about my adventures as a bed hopping Mum before.  It hasn’t changed.  I’m too tired to make that change – I need to catch up on sleep to be able to put the kids back into their own beds every night.  It’s a vicious circle here.  My day starts anywhere between 5.15am and 6am.  I won’t lie, I’m exhausted most of the time.
Furniture Village have recently conducted a survey to coincide with Sleeptember to help find out sleeping patterns of others and to help offer some tips to help you get a better nights sleep.
They surveyed 385 people and some of the sleep tips they offered were:
Avoid the colour Green – Only 3% of those surveyed who got a good nights sleep had a Green room (This isn’t a colour I like so no problems here)
Go to bed between 10pm & 11pm – I am guilty of not doing this, I go to bed when my eyes close and I can no longer work.
Sleep on a Mattress which suits you – Apparently 1 in 5 people have no idea what Mattress type they sleep on, I am one of those.  What I do know is that I find it very uncomfortable and I long to replace it only other things keep coming up which need my money instead.
Keep your bedroom cool and quiet – Temperature and noise are the most common barriers to a good nights sleep.  I like to sleep with the window open a little at night as I hate to be hot and also have a Lumie light which I use to help me get to sleep.
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14 thoughts on “Letting you in on my sleeping habits (or lack of) for Sleeptember

  1. its took me til now t learn how to sleep and im 32 , its funny how we find something so natural so hard t do sometimes

  2. Great tips Clare – I do try to go to bed then but that's when the house is quiet! POD has been rubbish at sleeping these past weeks, awake till 10pm then in our bed in the early hours. Poor thing is going to be shattered today with school and pre-school. Here's to them all sleeping :)))

  3. Wilf comes into our bed at 4am it's why we got the super king tbh! He'll sleep in there until 6.30am but if he's in his own room its usually like 5 so I think it's just about whatever works to get you a little more sleep isn't it! x

  4. I would be screaming the place down if I had that little amount of sleep. We spent a lot of money on our mattress but figured it wasn't a lot if you worked out how much it is used – and for keeping good health.

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