Smart Sketcher Projector Review

Smart Sketcher Projector Review

One of Emmy’s passions is drawing, she is forever doodling away and has pads and pads of sketches, she has even started watching How to Draw YouTube videos – which is, of course, a welcomed change from the vlogging families she had been obsessed with. 

Recently she was sent a Smart Sketcher Projector to try out and she couldn’t wait to get started. This is a projector with a difference – normal projectors will show the image on paper and you draw around the shape to create your picture, and while it is a great way to draw quickly it doesn’t teach you how to draw it easily, only to copy.

The Smart Sketcher Projector teaches in step by step stages how to draw the pictures.  It comes with pre-loaded how to draw images and there is also a free app you can download to load your own photos read to draw.

Using the pre-loaded images you use the large buttons on the front of the projector to choose the image you want to draw – it will show you the completed images and once you’ve chosen the one you want to draw it will take you step-by-step through the drawing process. Each drawing takes a different number of steps which is shown at the start stage. Through the steps you slowly see the drawing start to take shape and by doing this step-by-step you learn how to do this on your own without the projector eventually.

As well as the pre-loaded drawings you can download a free app, take your own photographs and adding those to the card from your computer or phone you can then project these onto the paper to draw yourself. So you can take a photograph of your pet, your favourite cuddly toy or even your family and by using the projector draw that image yourself.

This projector isn’t only limited to drawing, you can use it for letter practice and letter formation and can play spelling games on it too.

It is very easy to set up and even comes with a cable so you don’t have to use batteries (you can if you wanted to), the projector head slots into the back of the unit when not in use and just slots onto the top of the unit when you are ready to draw. Pull out the feet section to steady the machine and these also hold the top of your paper underneath while you draw.

Should you miss a step in the step-by-step drawing stage you can press the back button to go back again, and once complete you’ll see an animated image on your paper, there are also sounds to accompany these images too.

This really does take your drawing to the next level.

Emmy took to it immediately and has already completed many of the pre-loaded designs.

Suitable for children aged 5+, available from Amazon and all other good retailers.

Harry loves this just as much as Emmy does and because there are various drawing levels pre-loaded he can easily start with the easier ones and is speeding through these almost as fast as Emmy did.

Disclaimer: We recieved this item in exchange for this post, as always all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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