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When I was younger the only care I had was where the next party was being held, what outfit I was going to wear and who’s house I was going to crash at.  Then life changed.

At the age of 25 I moved into our home with Paul, and parties became a thing of the past.  The mortgage needed paying and food needed buying as well as preparing – who knew?  It was definitely easier when I lived at home with my parents – and cheaper too!  Why did I not appreciate it then?

Then at 27 we were married and aged 30 Emmy arrived, my perfect precious bundle of noise/joy.  Things were never the same again, lie-ins were a thing of the past, peace and quiet – well what’s that? and money…..well that goes on the kids.  Two years later we added Harry to our completed family and it was even busier and louder and just perfect.

It’s around that time I started to worry about the future though, started to forward plan.  Emmy is scared of death, in particular of me dying and every night she cries, says I don’t want you to die or asks when I will die…THANK YOU Walt Disney for that one, just why do the Princesses have to be orphans or have wicked step mothers?

Last year Paul and I sat down and wrote our wills, we sorted out what happens to our property, belongings and most importantly how takes guardianship of the kids should the need arise.  My best friend was a little teary when we asked her, it was only natural, she loves them and they her and she is both kids Godmother after all – I trust her with my life and more importantly with the kids.

Watching this video from Aviva Life Protection has made me realise something else though – I haven’t yet sorted my life insurance out – I keep meaning to but it’s a job which is put off too many times. It also shows a few tips for easing the transition for moving in together –  one thing Paul and I never got around to doing was doing a budget plan, stupid really as it would have saved a lot of hassles of….I thought you were paying that, yes we had a few of those arguments!  I do agree on trying to make up before bed if you have an arguments, we usually try this and if that fails that’s what the spare room is for!

What do you think of the video? Are there any tips you would include?

Over the next few days Aviva will be sharing the magic that is starting out and invite you to share your moments in your life which have had the most impact over on their Facebook Page #milestonemoments – this competition will run from 5th-9th November and by entering you stand the chance to win £250 worth of high street shopping vouchers.

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One thought on “Sponsored Post: Starting out and moving ahead

  1. It's certainly an eye opener isn't it when you go out into the big wide world and have to fend for yourself. My eldest has recently moved out and she made me laugh earlier when we were talking about food shopping. Her words were "Mum it's all so expensive" I did chuckle.

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