Review: Doc McStuffins Walk n Talk Mobile

A few weeks ago now we hosted a Doc McStuffins party, we had a few of Emmy’s very good school friends over, I may have had to then explain my job as I don’t think I had ever gotten around to explaining to many of them.

They all had a fabulous time playing the games I had planned, eating the food and of course playing with the toys.

The all time favourite of all of them, myself included was the Walk n Talk Doc Mobile.


Setting up this toy is simple, in fact it will take you longer to get it out of the box than putting it together.  The 3 tools are attached to the side of the mobile ready to play, Lambie can be strapped into her very own seat ready to be taken for a ride.  You need to attach the pole to docs hand and then the Doc Mobile, this is a little tricky as it is stiff but it does also mean it won’t keep coming un-done.
The fantastic thing about this toy is that Doc actually walks and as she does she sings and pulls along her Doc Mobile ready to look after her patients on the move.
By pressing the pink siren on the top of the Doc Mobile it sets Doc in motion.  Make sure she is on flat ground (not on a table as my two kept trying) and she puts one foot in front of the other and sings the ‘Doc Mobile song’.


There is a button on the side of this toy which makes it say various phrases too.  Batteries are included which is a HUGE bonus and there is also an OFF button, which is rather needed after this has been played with for hours on end as my two have done.
This is a huge hit in our household and will be perfect for any Doc McStuffins fan. 
This is available from Flair, Amazon and all good toy stores prices at £49.99.
Disclaimer: We received this toy in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own.

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