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My most challenging job EVER has been being a Mum.  It comes with more roles than any job I’ve ever had.
It has no set ‘working hours’, there is NO down time. You don’t stop thinking of your children even on a rare day out.
1am and you may still be at it nursing poorly children as I was for the past few nights, Emmy was poorly and now Harry has a cold.  I honestly have no recollection of the last time I slept through the night and had at least 8 hours. The day starts anywhere from 3am-7am and ends, well who knows sometimes.
Mornings are no longer spent having a leisurely breakfast and catching up on the news, instead its breaking up fights, wiping bottoms and noses and making sure the kids have breakfast then hunting out lost bags and shoes before heading off on the school run.
Even at nap time there is washing to do, dinner to make and toys to tidy.  Being Mum never ends.
Being a Mum is also the most rewarding job you will ever have,  that first smile, the first word, being told I love you makes all those sleepless nights SO worth it.
Cussons have asked real mums to help create a video which depicts the role of being Mum.  It shows how unglamorous this role can be with the ups, the downs and the snotty noses.  Just watch for yourself:

I can relate to the snotty noses as currently as Harry is suffering a nasty cold and being not quite 2 his idea of wiping or blowing his nose is to come up to whoever is closest and pretend to cuddle them – you are then left with very attractive snot trails across whatever you are wearing, often unnoticed until you round the corner of the supermarket or school and are let frantically searching for a wipe (and failing). 

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What does being mum mean to you?

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