Storage Solutions for Your Children’s Rooms & Toys

Being a parent is great – but children have an unparalleled ability to generate mess. It isn’t long before you find yourself spending most of your time tidying up as they weave a path of destruction through your house.

But keeping your living areas toy-free needn’t be hard. It can even be fun when you choose the right storage solutions. I’ve compiled the best ideas for toys and craft storing solutions right here so read on!

Storage Mat

Have you ever felt the blinding pain of stepping on Lego? Still find yourself looking at the floor as you walk around the house? Well, worry no more as from now on you can simply store those evil little blocks using a toy storage mat.

The multi-purpose playmat will keep your kid’s toys organised in one place by acting as both playmat and bag. Once you’ve finished playing, simply pull the drawstring and the mat becomes a durable storage bag. You can get this affordable solution from leading retailers such as Wilko or even do it yourself.

Multi-purpose furniture

If you deal with limited space within your kid’s room, make sure that you use multi-purpose furniture to keep all their little treasures neat and tidy. Storage beds and cube-style shelves are a perfect example as they serve as both decorative pieces and an easily accessible storage solution.

Clear boxes

Supplying your kid’s room with clear, easy-to-open boxes is an easy and convenient way to comfortably accommodate toys, clothing and decorations to clear away the clutter. Being able to see inside the boxes will also save you time when trying to find that one toy they simply must have.

For maximum impact, make sure that each box is well labelled so your kids won’t have to make additional mess while looking for things.

Repurpose food storage containers

If you are looking for a clever way of organising mixed craft supplies, think about those foods storage containers you keep at the bottom of your cupboard but don’t know what to do with.

Remember that jars aren’t just for jam, and utilising one with a lid can help with storing wax crayons and various craft pieces such as buttons, paper clips and threads.


If you’re looking to store your children’s seasonal items such as bikes or roller skates, you might want to consider renting a self-storage unit nearby. This inexpensive yet secure solution is a great option for families that live in a flat or small house without a proper storage area. Storage units help you to reduce clutter but allow you to access all your belongings whenever you need them.

The war on messiness is never won, but with these simple storage solutions you can at least give yourself a fighting chance.


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