Summer holidays are here

I am so excited for the start of our 6 weeks holiday adventures.  With both children now in school they were very ready for some time off and some lazy days and some fun days.
It was certainly time to throw routine out of the window and to kick back for a while.
Harry finished school last Wednesday after a school party and Emmy finished on Thursday.  There were many tears from Emmy as she really loves her year 1 teacher and I do have to admit that when her teacher cried and thanked Emmy and myself for her gifts telling me how much she would miss her I then cried myself.
Emmy has flourished this year in year 1 thanks to her wonderful teacher and her fantastic TA – she has gone from not wanting to go to school to crying in the holidays when she can’t see her teachers.  he has gone up 2 reading levels, reads all the time at home and is always writing letters and stories while at home.  It has been wonderful to watch.
Now the tears have stopped the fun has started for us.
We’ve had 2 movie nights already – this is usually our Friday night ritual where the children camp downstairs watching movies until the fall asleep.
We’ve been into London to attend an event with Specsavers at Disney HQ to see Finding Dory, more on that this week and we exchanged our Merlin Passes and visited the Sealife Aquarium again.
We’ve had a garden day spent in the pool and bounced for hours on the trampoline.
We’ve had a craft day where we glued, and had paper mache fun, made cards and painted all day.  We then turned our creations into Pinata’s filling them with sweets and hitting them with broom handles.
Only a few days into our summer holidays and we are certainly more relaxed and ready to see what the rest of the holidays have in store for us. 
Yesterday was a picnic day and tomorrow we are meeting up with Jen from My Mummy’s Pennies who is holidaying close by with her family.
I tend not to make to many plans and just wing our way through the holidays and I am loving every minute so far (well barring the kids arguments but lets hope there aren’t too many of those this summer).  We do have a holiday to Cornwall booked in and a few day trips planned but for the rest of the time I will see what the weather has in store for us and have a little adventure everyday with the children.
What are your summer holiday plans?

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One thought on “Summer holidays are here

  1. I sounds like you have been having a great time…
    We have been loving the summer holidays so far. It's nice to not have a routine and do things at our own pace.
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays x

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