Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse review

Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse review

As a young girl I always wanted Sylvanian Families, I had a few of the figures which I would play with alongside my dolls houses and I really do wish I had saved them for Emmy to play with, as she seems to have inherited my love of them too.

Recently Emmy was sent the Sylvanian Families Starry Point Lighthouse and I have to admit I have played with it almost as much as the children have.

The house consists of a lighthouse and a cute little lodge. The lighthouse lights up and projects twinkling constellations onto the ceiling of your room. Add batteries (not included with this set) and insert one of the 3 light cards, each has a different picture on which when inserted projects a different scene onto the ceiling, choose from fireworks, stars or a hot air balloon. Lit up it makes for a very sweet night light

Included within this set is: an upstairs balcony, upstairs balcony railing, projector unit, lighthouse top, lighthouse fence x 3, wooden deck, wooden deck railing x 4, upstairs floor, kitchen, sofa, table, bed, blanket, balloon, balloon arm, ladder, projector slide x 3 and also a story book.

Lights projected onto the ceiling

Setting this up is very easy and just a case of clicking the balcony rails into place and attaching the ropes to the boat bed and putting the furniture inside the lodge.

There is also a lovely mini hot air balloon which the smaller sylvanian family members can use to look out over the festivities.

This set comes without any figures which is really a shame as it is another added expense for those who don’t already have any figures at home.

Emmy has been loving making her friends walk up the seashell stairs and up the ladder to the top of the lighthouse, having tea parties in the front room and sleepovers upstairs.

The lighthouse also can also be combined with other Sylvanian playsets which are available separately.

Available from Amazon and other good retailers with a RRP of £59.99


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