Taking the Aldi Challenge

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to take the Aldi Challenge – this was to swap my usual weekly shop which I normally do at Tesco and Lidl and replace with an Aldi weekly shop instead.

For ease I was sent the items to my house, I scanned in my last 3 weeks till receipts and items similar to those I had already bought were sent to me.

Having a surprise delivery was rather exiting and I wondered what would be sent.  16 small boxes arrived in total each with around 4/5 items inside.

I was sent items such as Nappies, wipes, toilet rolls, tea bags, fruit, vegetables, frozen items such as Pizzas and store cupboard essentials.

Most things I would have bought myself instore so it was a good match.  I had a few surprises such as a bottle of Aldi’s Bailey’s equivalent – it took me a while to work out why this was in my parcel (were they being extra nice? Had I mentioned I quite like Bailey’s? Then it dawned on me – on my original receipts was d.cream – double cream….well I have to say the Aldi Irish Cream went down better than double cream would have and I’m really rather pleased with this mix up – 10 out of 10 for this it was lovely!)

How does Aldi compare to my usual shop?
Well I have to be 100% honest and say that most things were the same in standards and quality – this is where Aldi wins as their prices came out cheaper than Tesco.

I did however find fruit and veg didn’t last as long however this may have been down to the way it was packaged and sent across – as I’m not sure how long they had been in the boxes.

The cupboard essentials such as sugar, tea and washing up liquid were exactly the same as the expensive Branded items I usually buy which makes me wonder why I bother wasting my money on the higher costing Brands when supermarket branded items are just of the same quality yet much cheaper.

We weren’t keen on the Cola however this is probably because we don’t buy supermarket brand cola and only buy Coca-Cola so it is hard to compare as they are very different in taste.

Nappies – I have to say I’m sold on these Nappies – they are great, not only do they have a cute pattern all over them making them attractive to look at, they don’t leak – Harry can wear his Nappy from 6.30pm after his evening bath, have his evening bottle and his 2/3am bottle and it still won’t have leaked when he gets up at 6.30/7am – I think I will definitely change over to these nappies.  We were sent some size 4+ and some size 5’s – these come in packs of 44 and only cost £4.49! I was amazed at the price and will the quality of them too.

Wipes – these have a lovely smell, are a thick quality meaning that they last longer too as you will not need as many wipes for a nappy change or a face and hand wipe.  These are great value and cheaper than the expensive brands too. These are priced at only 79p and have 80 wipes in a pack – so much cheaper than other brands and better quality too.

From the 19th September the Aldi Baby event is back on so I will be heading over to stock up on nappies and wipes as well as grabbing a few store brand bargains – Irish cream may just be on that shopping list too!

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