Tears and Tantrums…

We have been home a week now and mostly we have been muddling through the best we can.

Having previously had a c-section I knew I would be in pain but what I hadn’t accounted for was the look of pain on Emmy’s face every time she wanted a carry or simple things like Mummy to bath her or do her shoes up and I had to tell her I couldn’t do it as I was sore.

Daddy has been amazing doing it all for her however she always has and always will remain a Mummy’s girl.

Unless I’ve been out in the evening (usually babysitting) or staying away over night (once last month and 2 night’s in hospital with Harry) I’ve always put her to bed.  This wasn’t going to change once I was home from hospital no matter how sore I was/am…so we have adapted our routine to suit us all.  Since last Sunday Emmy has slept in my bed with me and Harry.  I’ve put a pillow down the middle of the bed so she doesn’t roll and hit my wounds but she is close enough to sleep holding my hand.

Harry seems to like to feed all night long and doesn’t like the moses basket, he likes the Cosatto Carrycot but has to be fast asleep before I put him down so hasn’t made it there much in the night as I’m too tired.

Tired….what I actually mean is exhausted beyond belief and the tears and tantrums have been as much mine as they have been Emmy’s.  She is figuring out her place again and wanting to be Mummy to Harry and getting frustrated when she can’t do things like carry him, so she has been hitting him and me.  I know she doesn’t mean to but with tiredness combined with pain and hormones it has resulted in shouting and more tears and fall outs.

Yesterday evening was a bad one in this house and everyone cried at some point, today has been amazing!  I actually slept last night for more than 1.5 hours and after feeding Harry this morning I put him in bed with Daddy to spend a girlie morning with Emmy. We played with my make-up, did each others hair and did some messy play.  Then when Daddy and Harry got up at lunchtime we all ate together before Daddy and Emmy went out for a few hours leaving me and Harry to nap.

It’s so different with 2 however I wouldn’t change it for the world.  There will be good and bad days I’m sure and we will get through them.

Tonight has been a great night, this may have been helped by the return of normality for Emmy, or the sleep for us all.  Emmy is currently asleep in her own bed for the first time in over a week, Harry is fed and I’m drinking a cuppa tea in bed watching a film.

Roll on tomorrow – what will it throw at us?  Whatever it is we will cope.

P.S Thanks to those who helped me through my tears last night, you know who you are.

7 thoughts on “Tears and Tantrums…

  1. awww I am struggling to imagine how it will be with two and have had tears wondering how my little girl will feel. I can imagine there's so much change and adapting for all concerned in the early weeks but I am sure it will all settle soon for you. I can believe how exhausting it is though! Not looking forward to that! I was bad enough with my pregnancy in the first 12 weeks! It was me having the tears and tantrums then too! lol. Sounds like you are doing great though honey. xxx

  2. I totally understand how you are feeling, it is tougher with two but it will slot into place before you know it! You will have good days and bad ones but the good ones totally outweigh the bad ones! I have days where I just want to curl up in a ball, especially when I am tired! Xx

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