That’s it – I’m on my way #MMSkydive

It’s actually arrived.
Our Skydive was booked up last year.
Month’s of talking about it have been and gone.
Month’s of planning my charity fundraising competition – the amount of sleepless night I had plotting and planning that one has made me vow never again – although I bet I do.
I am now on my way to Nottingham to Skydive in Memory of the Beautiful #MatildaMae tomorrow.
The house and dog sitters are in, the kids hopefully will enjoy all the toys I’ve packed to stop the fighting or the I’m bored comments from Emmy – failing that I’ve snacks.
It’s only a 2 hour journey and when we arrive we will book into the hotel and jump straight into the pool – good planning there on my part – they will need to burn off some energy.
How am I feeling?
Currently I am really excited however I know I won’t sleep well tonight so you will probably find me on Twitter at 2am still.

After a sleepless night I’m sure the nerves will kick in – I may even be sick (nerves get me like that) however I know I am part of something amazing, part of an amazing team.

How much have I raised?
I set a target of £400 and have so far raised £624 however there is still time to sponsor me
How can you help?
There is so much you can do to help us all!
You can donate, it doesn’t even have to be a lot – every penny counts so if you could spare a pound or two that would be amazing (It’s the cost of a Coffee or half a pint – not a lot at all).
You can tweet – for those on Twitter please RT any #MMSkydive posts you see – follow @MMSkydive.
We want to get #MMskydive trending again this year so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us by Retweeting our posts and interacting with us.
We will be a bundle of nerves tomorrow so cheer us on and use the hashtag whenever you tweet.
Also if you are in or near Nottingham why not come down and root us on from the ground?  Take some pictures of me crying or shaking and be part of the team.  We would love to have you there.
 Blogging – if you could pop up a blog post that would be amazing as it will help to raise awareness or a very good cause.  Please feel free to point everyone in the direction of the teams Just Giving account
You could also share these posts across media channels to help raise awareness.
We are jumping in memory of Matilda Mae a beautiful angel taken by SIDS at only 9 months of age.  We are raising money for The Lullaby Trust.
 The Lullaby Trust have a goal. To lower the infant death toll from SIDS to half by 2020. They can only do this through research, and this costs money. Money that must be donated, fundraised or pledged so PLEASE help and hopefully in time other families won’t have to live this nightmare!

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