Trying not to over pack again

This weekend we are heading to Cornwall for a very good friends wedding, we leave tomorrow morning and head home on Sunday.

Our last holiday was to Butlins on a Monday to Friday break and saw our poor battered old car very over-loaded and us packing unnecessary items which went unused or unworn.

This time as it is such a short trip I’m determined there is no need for theses extra items.

We have a plan:

Friday – drive down and arrive at the Premier Inn in Newquay.  The journey will take roughly 5 hours.  Unpack, stretch our legs and head to the beach for fish and chips and let Emmy play in the Arcades for a while.

Saturday – breakfast is already booked at the Premier Inn then after get ready for the wedding and reception

Sunday – Breakfast then we are heading over to Coombe Mill to spend a lovely afternoon celebrating Greek Easter with Fiona and her family and the other guests, we will spend some time on the farm before heading home again.

With all that in mind we should only need 2 outfits each, pj’s, toiletries, bottles, formula, snacks and a few toys.  The wedding outfits are all sorted, I will pack extra clothes for the kids as I know what they are like!

So far so good!  I’ve packed up the kids clothes and a few toys all into Emmy’s PlayAway Case, now I’m taking a break before I start on mine and Paul’s packing.
While packing though I couldn’t help but wonder how I would ever manage to get packed for a Holiday abroad with the children knowing there will be a baggage allowance.  We have briefly looked at various options although due to finances it won’t be this year and maybe not next, but a girl can look can’t she?
While searching the different options it is nice to see options such as baby packs offered by Thomson Alfresco quite cheaply meaning less that would need packing if we went while Harry was still young.
I think I may have given Paul heart failure by searching holidays recently, every time he passes my laptop I’m looking at a different destination, this is because I do like to dream.  His parents have just returned from Egypt and there is now talk of us joining them on their next trip – they want to return as his dad would love to visit the pyramids etc however it’s too much for his mum, whereas Paul and I have already done all of these trips on our Honeymoon to Egypt in 2007, I could then stay at the villa with the kids and his mum and swim and enjoy the quieter attractions while they swanned off.  Sounds good to me, however for now I need to keep planning, dreaming and writing in order to save the money needed, this has helped add a tiny bit to that pot.

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