Turning my cluttered room into a peaceful haven

Regular readers and those who follow me over on Instagram will have seen that over the last month I have slowly been doing up and revamping Harry’s bedroom.

We moved his from his small bedroom and into the large spare room – a much needed change has now given him a lot more room to play and a bedroom he absolutely loves.

We have now lived in this house for over 16 years and slowly every room has had a lick of paint and a revamp – of course those which were first done now need doing again but sadly one room has always been put off, due to time and money – that is my bedroom.

It is a rom which actually doesn’t need too much doing to it – it has fitted wardrobes which are fine so I could change the doors but this is just an added extra cost which is in-necessary, it’s the fact that the carpet needs changing which has stopped us doing anything with it, its a red colour and not our style really – I find that any colours I put with it clash and I really don’t like red.

I would like to change it to a grey colour and then any colour would fit into the new room. This is something I actually plan to do this year and then finally I can stop my bedroom being the dumping ground of our house and turn it into a room I actually want to spend time in and not just fall into bed.

Of course the planning of a new room is often the part I enjoy the most, here is the colour scheme I am currently looking to work with and the items I have picked out already.

The items I have picked out for my room makeover are:

Is there a room in your home you are desperate to redecorate ?

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