Your bags are packed it’s time to go

I can’t believe this time has come around already.
Where has the time gone?
In a blink of an eye you’ve grown so fast, my baby boy.
Darling Harry,
It’s time I’m afraid to spread your wings and leave Mummy’s safe nest.
We’ve been happy at home these past 2 and a half years, getting to see you blossom and grow.
Spending quality time together just me and you while Emmy has been at school has been wonderful.
Seeing your personality develop and your sense of humour emerge has been great fun,  although shouting at the top of your voice “I beep your Boobies ” in the changing rooms at your swimming lessons isn’t as funny as you think it is little man!
While we at at is nor is running away after your bath and weeing on my bed while doing your wiggle dance….Not cool little dude.
I absolutely love your passion for books at the moment,  you have one in your hand nearly all day and you go to sleep cuddling a book instead of a teddy.
Your boundless energy is quite frankly exhausting but I wouldn’t change a thing.
I’m both happy and very sad that things are about to change,  you will be starting Pre-school this week my little mate.
I know you are ready and you will have so much fun, you need more friends and a little structure won’t hurt either.
I can’t help it though Harry, I will try not to but we both know that Mummy will cry and I will miss you lots.
I’m going to use this time wisely, or so I plan, heading to the Library to work with no distractions and adding in a run or two.  Jobs I squeeze in around our fun I’ll try to do while you’re away so we can have more fun on your return.
So on that note little man, your bags are packed and you are Pre-school bound on Wednesday.
But first we’ve two whole days together to squeeze in a few last adventures. 

What would you like to do?  The sky’s the limit.
Lots of love
Your soppy Mummy

21 thoughts on “Your bags are packed it’s time to go

  1. This is today! Bittersweet moment! Made me remember the first time my son went to pre-school. I felt so empty when I went home and no one is there! #magicmoments

  2. I miss Erin when she is at school. I just like her company and it is weird without her! Hope you both adapt quickly to your new normal.

  3. Good luck to Harry at pre-school – and to you when he goes! I'm sure that you'll make great use of your time alone, and you'll still have the rest of the day together after pre-school to have fun.

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