10 fun things to do when the kids are in bed

you have children, your life revolves around them and every minute
they’re awake you’re either entertaining them or feeding them. This
isn’t a bad way to live but sometimes you need to relax and the best
time to do this is when the kids are in bed.
a horror movie
a parent, you’re probably getting a bit bored of watching Frozen (or
similar) on repeat. Cancel out all that Disney joy with a horror or thriller. You
probably won’t get much chance to watch these kinds of films unless
the kids are safely tucked up in bed.
up on that TV show you always wanted to watch
might not be the opportunity to binge-watch a TV show like you used
to but evenings can be a great time to unwind with an episode of
something you always wanted to watch. Perhaps even make something
special of it and get some popcorn and a nice bottle of wine.
a bit of bingo
don’t have to go to a bingo hall to play as you can play online

This is a great way to get away from being a parent for just 20
minutes or so. Have a couple of games of bingo then get back to all
the other things you need to do – or, of course, spend the next few
hours immersed in the game but remember to be careful and stop it’s no longer fun

a book
peace and quiet of the evening when children are asleep is a great time to read. It’ll
help you to relax and you might even sleep better because of it.
some time to meditate
a job, family and a social life can sometimes be stressful. If you’re
feeling the pressure, take some time to meditate. It might not solve
your problems but it can help you to keep calm and work out how to
get through it.
some work done
day you’re the perfect parent. By night you’re the working
professional you always wanted to be – this is my evening most nights with the laptop out catching up on posts and emails.
and your partner are probably running around after kids all day or
one of you is at work. When the kids are asleep, take some time to
cuddle and chat. Don’t become strangers.
games with your partner
games, video games or something sexier, it’s up to you.
and cook for the week
this gigantic chore out of the way. Batch cook some big meals like
lasagne, stews and curries then freeze them. This should sort you for
a week or two.
or with your partner, pop on an exercise video and get a sweat on.
You might not be able to get to the gym or out for a run so this is
the next best thing.


This is calling me to be started again – one of these
days I will actually make the 30 days without
giving up – will next year be the year?


the kids something fun and easy but hold off on having your own
dinner. Once the kids are in bed, you and your partner should cook
something you really want to eat and sit down at a candlelit table
with great food and a nice bottle of wine.
you choose to do, when the kids are tucked up in bed, make the most
of the opportunity for a bit of quality time. Come the morning, it’ll
be back to the usual hectic routine!



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