5 minute Confetti Crafts

Have you been to a wedding this year? Is there that spare box of confetti still sitting on your shelf?  Actually we haven’t been to a wedding this year, our confetti was left over from last years weddings…..It was annoying me so much just sitting on the shelf that it has now been turned into art.

I think Emmy has been painting and gluing today at pre-school as she was in a “lets make something” mood after lunch, so we did.

However I had nothing planned and she didn’t want to free paint, she wanted to create.

So grabbing some card I quickly drew a fish shape and cut it out (it’s not the best fish shape, even I admit that but she is 2 and she knew what it was)

I then let Emmy cover the body with PVA glue while I poured the confetti into a bowl, she then decorated the fish (mainly by tipping the bowl over onto the fish – quick yet effective)

We then mounted this onto a metallic blue sheet of card, added a mouth and some air bubbles and 5 minutes after starting Emmy had made a lovely and simple fishy picture.

We had some confetti left over so we also made a flower doing exactly the same as above.

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