A box of surprises for babies #Review

Recently we were sent a Nonabox, this is a brand new to the UK subscription service aimed at baby products.
Nonaboxes have been available in Europe for a while now and they have been really excited to spread their wings and finally after a long wait hit the UK.
I have to say it really was worth the wait.
You have a few options when ordering these boxes – monthly subscriptions are £25 a month (however these are reviewed monthly so you can cancel anytime, so can buy just one or add a box each month for as long as you like), you can pay in advance for 3 months = £70, 6 months is £130 and a years subscription is £250. 
The box itself is very pretty and can be reused after. It is a very sturdy purple box tied beautifully with a ribbon, the contents are then beautifully wrapped in tissue paper – it really does add the surprise element of this gift.
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Unwrapping our Nonabox I was delighted to find many brands I was already familiar with as well as a few surprises:
In our box were:
  • 2 sample packs of Water wipes
  • A Babycup (a starter beaker for babies)
  • A Gumigem teething necklace
  • A Beaba 360 degree spoon
  • Ella’s kitchen chicken Paella meal
  • A cloud B lavender sheep pillow
  • Mam toothbrush
Quite a lot for your money really and some lovely items.
The water wipes I hadn’t tried before and they are very gentle on Harry’s bottom, although a full sized pack would have been welcomed as 2 x 10 wipes don’t go very far at all – especially with the mess Harry makes.
The Cloud B lavender pillow is not only cute but practical too. It smells wonderful and I’ve taken to using it in the buggy when Harry falls asleep as in my double I can’t recline him if someone else is in there too (It’s a very old Phil & Ted’s)
Harry really didn’t like the Ella’s kitchen meal I’m afraid to say, which actually surprises me as he eats EVERYTHING, but he did enjoy trying to use his spoon.  He can’t quite manage the  cup without making a mess however as it’s a small size that mess is minimal and he will soon learn – unfortunately at the moment he thinks it’s really funny to tip his water onto his highchair and splash it around.
 The Gumigem necklace will be given to a friend as I’m a Teething Bling fan and already have lots of different styles and colours already.
Finally, the toothbrush came in really useful as Harry has 9 teeth and we have mislaid his toothbrush (well, Emmy has ‘borrowed it’ so it could be anywhere), it’s a great size for him to hold and if he turns it around he can chew on the teething side to help relieve the pain in his gums from teething.
UK nonabox september contents
September’s contents

I really like this idea and it would make a great gift for a pregnant friend or an alternative gift for a Newborn perhaps? 
When you fill in your personal details you can choose the correctly tailed box to suit you – these boxes are made up to be tailored for the different stages of pregnancy and all the way up to a child is 2 years old – the products will suit.  My box is suited for a 9-12 month old.
This is a fantastic way of finding some new UK brands as well as rediscovering some old favourites.

*Edit* The UK site seems to have now closed down

Disclosure: We were sent a Nonabox for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are unbiased and my own.

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