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A little while ago I wrote a post applying to become an Activity Toys Direct Ambassador via the Tots100 – you can read that post here.  Well you’ve guessed from this title and you’ve probably seen the lovely badge displayed in my side bar – I was chosen as 1 of the lucky 10!  I’m thrilled and delighted to be working with such a lovely and friendly company., Activity Toys Direct, Ambassador,
They have spent some time getting to know us and the other ambassadors before the programme kicked off to be able to offer review products suited to our family.
Our 1st review item is the Busy Bake Kitchen which is a nice sized kitchen suitable for 2 children to play side by side.
Obviously for a kitchen this size it comes in a rather large box however inside was little wasted packaging (thankfully), except for 2 bags with the kitchen utentils inside and the hooks and door handle there was no other packaging.  Now as a parent that is pleasing as it’s less to throw away.
The instructions for this are very clear pictures which you follow in step by step guides.
I confess to not reading them to start with as my kitchen had no holes for screws I just slotted it all together, however it was soon apparent when it wasn’t sturdy that I had done something wrong and took to the instructions and found the screws – whoops!
Now as I have said my kitchen had no screw holes which did perplex me however talking with the Activity Toys Direct team it turns out there definitely should be holes and my kitchen hadn’t gone through the mold properly.  It was suggested I hammer the screws into the spaces the holes should have been – just enough for them to grip so I could screw them in place.  Always up for a challenge and to prove I could, I didn’t wait for Paul to do this and did it myself.

Busy Bake Kitchen, Activity Toys Direct, Ambassador,, review
It wasn’t a quick assembly job as I had planned however it worked perfectly well so the only issue was time, it took around an hour to assemble instead of a quick 15 minute job.  I’m actually really lleased with myself that I was able to rectify the problem myself – girl power and all that!
Once assembled it’s just a case of placing the stickers in the correct place and your ready to play.
Emmy and Harry have both played with this equally and both love it.  It’s a perfect height for them both and having two working surfaces means no (less) fighting.
It comes with 2 plates, a bowl, a timer,  jug, forks and spoons, 5 cooking utensils, a cake tray, 6 cupcakes with removable icing tops, 4 cookie/play doh cutters, a rolling pin, 4 pots of play doh and an oven glove.
It has 2 drawers and a small oven with slots inside to slide on the cake tray, 2 work top areas, 9 hooks to hand the utensils from and a white board which is also magnetic – there are also 4 shopping list item magnets, you can also use a white board pen to write on the board if you wanted to (this would be great for writing practice with Emmy when we are learning our letters and numbers).
While the oven is rather small it fits the cake holder and cupcakes in perfectly and also the plates and bowl.  Emmy loves to make play doh cakes and biscuits for everyone and bake them in the oven.
Harry likes to pretend to mix and stir and hide all sorts of things  inside the oven and drawers – it’s safe to say if we can’t find it thwn Harry has it hidden in the cooker somewhere.
Busy Bake Kitchen, Activity Toys Direct, Ambassador,, review
A lovely toy for both girls and boys. Sturdy and long lasting.
It’s a big hit here!
This kitchen retails at £99.99 however is currently on offer for £79.99 available from  Why not follow on Facebook and twitter as they often have lovely offers and frequently run competitions too.

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