Animal Cupcakes

With a new delivery of coloured icing sent from Sainsbury’s I pondered just what to make with it.

We also had some over ripe Banana’s left over so we used them mashed up in a basic cupcake recipe:

6oz Self Raising Flour
6oz Caster Sugar
6oz Butter melted
2 eggs
2 over ripe mashed Banana’s

Most recipes tell you to add the ingredients separately however that’s never been our way, baking with a 3 year old is done as quickly as possible before it all goes over the floor or is eaten.

For that reason we add everything into the bowl and mix well, pouring into cupcake cases and baking in the oven on 180 degrees for 12-15 minutes.

This is our go to recipe (without the added Banana’s which we used whenever we need to whip up some cakes quickly)

Now to make them special.

I asked Emmy what animals she wanted on her cakes, hoping for something easy like a Bumble Bee or a Ladybird but NO she had other ideas and threw random animals at me like Frog, Octopus and Pig.

Nothing like a challenge is there?

So using the ready coloured icing I set about trying my hand at making some decorated animal cupcake designs and I’m actually really pleased with my first attempts – what do you think?

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I’m rather pleased with my Frogs sitting on their lily pads in the water and not so impressed with our Lions however they tasted great and went down well with the neighbours who all received cake that day (this always makes us popular and ensures they don’t mind taking in our parcels when necessary).

This is my entry into the Cupcakes Creative competition from

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