Bargain summer buys for the kids

My children are absolutely loving this hot summer we are having, they are spending almost all of the time in the garden and in our pool, my garden is always filled with towels as they are in and out of the water constantly and the house is actually tidyish for a change as they prefer being outdoors.

I can’t say I blame them and I’ve been in with them as often as I can, the only way I am able to deal with this heat is to be in the water – I’m certainly not one for sitting in the sun sunbathing.

All this water and heat seems to have the same effect on the kids as it does the plants in the garden – they are growing as fast as the weeds are and although I kitted them out for the summer at the beginning of the year getting them a size too big so they would last, of course, they haven’t and needed new clothes and shoes yet again.

Thankfully, I had been introduced to Love the Sales which has a brand new children’s section. This is a site I have used previously to buy clothes and shoes for myself so I was over the moon to discover the children’s section.

How it works is you can choose to view all children’s items or filter out by boys, girls, baby & nursery items or toys. You can then filter the clothing etc you are looking for, choose sizes you want to be shown and they look through all results it brings up.

Love the Sales searches out all the bargains and sale items so you don’t have to.

Clicking on an item will take you to the website where they are sold and you purchase from there, with Love the Sales being only the middle man per say, doing all the hard work for you.

Both kids needed new trainers and searching Love the Sales I couldn’t resist these from Very, matching trainers which are lightweight and breathable and were a bargain too. Emmy’s were £12.50 reduced from £22, and Harry’s were £11.50 reduced from £22.

They also needed some new summer PJ’s and I just love these striped ones for Emmy from John Lewis which were a steal at £11

and not leaving Harry out he choose some super hero ones – he is currently obsessed with being a super hero, these were also from Very and were £5.50 reduced from £8.

Lastly, Emmy needed new sunglasses and at 70% off these Peter Storm ones are just the cutest and what a bargain at only £3!

I still need to get them both some trousers, new underwear and then there is the matter of school clothes for September, thankfully I now know I can find some bargains but I’m sure it’s my time for new clothes……If only the kids would stop growing that is.

Disclaimer: I was sent a voucher to spend on the website, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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