Begging for ‘likes’ for personal gain?

I hadn’t really thought about this much until today when I entered a Twitter competition to Win an Ipad2, then suddenly I had to validate my entry by registering with the company – fine I don’t mind that at all, infact many of my competitions here on my blog work in a similar way where you have to head over to the companies page and repeat a quote I have given you – to do this you need to ‘like’ that page, i usually make this an additional or bonus entry requirement/option Not a must as I know how annoying it can be to be told to enter you must do this.

So imagine my surprise when I recieved an email straight away stating that I HAD to spread the word of their competition and site and those who were the most ‘active in spreading the word’ (in the top 3 infact) would be in with a chance of winning the prize.

My response to this was to email them straight back saying I would not be spreading the word for them as I can not abide this type of competition.  The top 3 ‘entrants’ had already referred almost 1,000 people between them and the list only showed the top 10 so imaging how many people out there are begging all their friends to help them win.

Yes as a Blogger I do have a lot of followers but I will not be badgering you to help me win a prize for myself. I will plug my competitions for a chance for you to win but Never will I make it a condition that those with the most referals/likes will win.  I may state that a new competition will be launched at ‘x’ amount of following be it Twitter, Facebook or on my Blog but my competitions are open to all who enter them – ensuring everyone has a fair and the same chance to win.

Once myself have I entered a competition like this and I have won but that was way before this blog and I will not expliot my lovely followers or bother you too much, you chose what to read and when to read it in your own time.

There may only be one exception to this and i’ll tell you now – if I were luckily enough to be nominated for any type of Blogging award then I will pester, badger and bother you all!! LOL.

5 thoughts on “Begging for ‘likes’ for personal gain?

  1. I agree. I avoid all the competitions that have a 'most likes, wins' format. Unfortunately, there will always be people out there that want the prize enough and will jump through the hoops, and I am not criticising them at all – the companies should not create the hoops in the first place! Liz x

  2. I've stopped taking part in competitions that require me to promote on their behalf – a one off tweet is ok but anything more than that is daft.

    I've also stopped asking people to "like" my facebook page after FB changed their promotional guidelines and disallowed that to be part of any competition entry unless you use a 3rd party application (expensive).

  3. I totally Agree!! I do not enter those kind of competitions either!! I enter them for myself not up to others to help!! I entered a picture competition at the baby show manchester, then now want people to like there page to like my picture, well they can bugger off! haha!! Oh I agree about the blogging awards 🙂 Not just a pretty face are you lol!!

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