Best laid plans :(

Well as always the inevitable has happened, as always happens when you make plans and have children!  Emmy has been struck down with a bug, starting Tuesday night with sickness then seeming almost better yesterday – which was good as we were looking after a poorly Nanny who has just come out of hospital, however today she has been struck by a stomach bug.

So I have had to do what any loving caring Mummy would do and cancel our planned trip to London tomorrow to meet, greet and interview Elmo.  As our first proper PR event I am obviously a little upset however my daughter is my world and needs me.

I hope to be able to still write a little about what was to happen tomorrow but time will tell and it will not be the same as being there.  Thank you to the lovely people over at mason-williams for inviting us, we hope there will be a next time to meet you all.

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