Best Lighting Ideas For Winter

that the days are becoming depressingly short, it’s time to think
about how to make the most of the precious daylight. It also means
thinking about how to compensate in the evenings, when it gets dark
so early. It can be hard to find the right balance in making a room
cozy without falling asleep early.

Natural Light

the day time, it makes sense to maximise the little natural light
offer. Changing up your window dressings is the easiest way to go
about doing this, replacing any heavy, dark fabrics with white gauzy
materials. Adding mirrors, particularly opposite windows or adjacent
to them, reflects the natural light around the room to keep it
feeling light and airy. Letting in those few rays of sunshine also
helps to heat your home if you have double glazing, which is a
definite win for the winter months.


the shorter days take over, it can be nice to add little ‘spotlights’
around the room by adding some lamps – a freestanding lamp in the
corner can brighten up a reading nook, or simply place some small
lamps on end tables in the living room to surround the sofa with
warmth. Even small clusters of lamps, if done well, can look great,
especially with mix-and-match vintage styles. Suspension lamps hung over a dinner table
the food and create a sense of the table as the centrepiece of the


can look attractive, and when placed strategically
highlight any particularly interesting areas of your home. If you
live in a period home with interesting architectural features, or
dark spots, a sconce can help to illuminate them and eliminate spooky
shadows. Alternatively, they can be placed just underneath or either
side of large family photos or pieces of art, allowing you to admire
them in all their glory. Bedside lights often come with a dimmer
switch, ideal for bedrooms or for turning down the lights for movie


they won’t give off much light, scented candles are lovely in the
winter for creating a cozy feel. Used in conjunction with other
smaller lights, they also create a little extra warmth which is often
appreciated. In October many retailers offer special autumnal scents
in time for Christmas – orange, apple, or ginger are particularly
festive. Candles also make an excellent festive centre piece
well as cozy lighting in the middle of a dining table, or on a living
room coffee table once the kids have gone to bed.

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