Brio Police Transport Set Review

Brio Police Transport Set

I’ve written previously of our love of Brio train sets, the wonderful thing about these wooden train sets is they are universal and all sets fit together so you are able to slowly build up quite a collection without breaking the bank.

These sets are still favourites with both Harry and Emmy and over the years we have added a few different sets, purchased additional engines and special track pieces so we are able to make elaborate tracks with bridges, turn tables, tunnels and much more. I tend to bin the boxes when they enter the house and put all into one large storage box – along with the instructions so I can remember how the different sets should be make up but of course as they pieces are interchangeable it really doesn’t matter.

Harry recently received the Police Transport Set and he was of course ready and willing to set it up.

He is now a dab hand at setting up these sets himself now, at 4 and a half years old he is able to follow the pictures on the front of the box to correctly set up the new tracks.

This is a small Brio set which includes 2 Figures, 1 Crane, 1 Level Crossing, 2 Ramps, 8 Pieces of Track, 1 Engine, 1 Container Wagon, 1 Gold Load.

Once set up the track make almost an oval shape with a level crossing and a crane for lifting the gold on and off of the container wagon. The police officer can then accompany this precious load back to the bank safely ensuring the cargo arrives at its destination.

Of course the fun is in your child’s imagination and Harry loves nothing better than including other cars to cross over the level crossing stopping the train in its tracks, trying to stealing the gold and derailing the train in the process – typical cops and robbers play at its best. It’s not as easy as that though as the wagon of gold only opens if you know how to do it with the magnetic crane!

Easy to set up and extendable by adding other Brio track pieces, you could make this set as big as you wanted, add hiding places for the robber – Harry likes to hide the gold under our train tunnels and makes the Police officer chase around after the thieves.

The packaging has been kept to a minimum and the instructions are very easy to follow to set this set up, not that we even needed them as Harry just looked at the picture on the box.

I would have liked a few more track pieces for the price but knowing we can add our existing track is a bonus.

This set is available from Brio, Amazon and all good retails with a RRP of £29.99

Disclaimer: We received this product in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions have been formed independently by our family.


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