A long overdue family update

It’s been a little while since I wrote a family update, things have been rather busy here and it keeps getting bumped off my to-do-list annoyingly as family is the heart of this blog after all. It’s very hard to believe we are nearing the end of March, this year is just speeding by far too quicklyRead more

Adding special touches around the house with poster prints

My house is a very slow work in progress, much slower than I would like it to be however slowly I am completing the rooms which have been decorated and making plans for those which haven’t yet been touched. Since moving in around 12 years ago most rooms have had at least a lick ofRead more

Readly: An online magazine subscription review

I used to love nothing more than sitting with my feet up reading a glossy magazine in my free time – whether that was at the weekends, before bed or while babysitting.  It was the gossip I loved, I liked to see which celebs were doing what and with who. Nowadays, free time is somethingRead more

The joys of parenthood – Baby proofing

Before I had my own children I had always said I wasn’t going to change my house around too much for the kids, it was our house and I/we as parents would teach them boundaries and they would have to learn the word “NO”. I didn’t want locks on everything, stairgates everywhere or to removeRead more

My Sunday photo

This weekend we’ve been to a family wedding.  While everyone was having their photo’s taken the children took themselves off quietly to play with flowers. The sun was shining and they happily amused themselves by running around the trees playing hide and seek and picking flowers to throw at each other as confetti. It wasRead more

Making the most of the garden in the summer

For the past two weekends we have been outside in the garden nearly all day, there is nothing better in my opinion than seeing the kids happily playing outdoors in the fresh air – of course the fact they sleep far better after doing so has nothing to do with it – honest! They haveRead more

Reclaiming a little freedom and time away from the kids

As I sit here on a Sunday evening and reflect back on this weekend I don’t feel stressed, tired or even worn out as I usually do by this point in the weekend. There has been no shouting, screaming, cross words or arguments which is actually almost unheard of recently. Everyone here has been aRead more

Canine Babesiosis – What all Dog owners need to know

I have always been around dogs. We had a dog at home when I was growing up and in my opinion they make wonderful pets – loving, friendly and loyal. My children have grown up with our dog Barney. He was a member of our family before they even arrived, so they don’t know life withoutRead more