Sustainable Tomorrow: Earthquake-Resistant Homes and Structures

Among the natural disasters that we are familiar with, earthquakes are perhaps the most difficult to prepare for. They strike by surprise, and the casualties and structural damage that we see are mostly because many are just caught off-guard by this calamity. There are places like Japan that experience earthquakes more frequently because of theirRead more

Am I that Mum I’ve never wanted to be?

  I’m supposed to be sleeping, I’ve so much to do. My to-do-list is endless and there’s a sea of washing piling from the basket. It’s the summer holidays you see and I’ve two kids at home and work still to do. I’ve booked up no childcare, I don’t actually really have any anyway yetRead more

10 top tips for parents of fussy eaters + Giveaway

We all hope that our children will happily eat whatever we give them at meals times, however this dream is often far from a reality for many of us parents – myself included. Both of mine did eat everything I gave to them as babies, one was fed with homemade purees and jars when IRead more

Ruby Wedding Anniversay – Congratulations Mum & Dad

Today marks my parents 40th wedding anniversary. How amazing is that! I often joke that they could have served jail sentences shorter than their marriage but do you know what…..they’d not have wanted to. They’ve spent almost a lifetime together meeting in their late teens in the town I now live in. Falling in loveRead more

Save money on days out this summer with National Rail

We all love a good day out but boy can they become rather expensive, add a few of those in the diary this summer and you could be weeping silently in a bid to entertain the children. First off, congratulations – you’ve survived the first half of the summer holidays and if you’ve still aRead more

Reduce Your Electricity Bills with LED Lighting

If you are looking for a fast and effective way to reduce your electricity bill, swapping your old bulbs for LEDs is well worth doing. On average, around 10% of your electric bill relates to running the lighting in your home. So, anything you can do to reduce the amount of electricity used to powerRead more