Tips to Have “The Talk” With Your Teen That Will Actually Sink In

**Collaborative post** The time has finally come. Your child has somehow grown into a teen in what seems like an overnight transition. As a parent, it is totally natural to have some apprehension about having “the talk” with your teen. However, it is absolutely necessary and that brief period of unavoidable uncomfortableness can lay theRead more

Balayage Hair: Everything You Need To Know

**Collaborative post** If you’ve still haven’t heard of balayage, the chances are you’ve been living under a rock! Meet the most popular colouring technique in the past few years. We know that hair trends come and go, but this one managed to stay on the top for quite a while! That’s why we felt likeRead more

4 Reasons to Replace Your Cup of Java with Matcha

**Collaborative post** Coffee is one of the world’s favourite drinks, and it’s estimated that an astonishing two and a quarter billion cups of it are drunk worldwide every day. That’s still a lot of Java being drunk, but increasing numbers of people are turning away from coffee and switching to a more modern alternative: matcha.Read more

6 ways to combat loneliness

**Collaborative post** There are 2 certainties in life, you are born and you die. What happens in between those two is different for everyone. We would like to think that we would all be happy, healthy and surrounded by friends and family. That’s true for many of us but not everyone and even those who doRead more

Effects of divorce on women

**Collaborative post** The highest rates of divorce are found in countries with low economic development, and the lowest rates are found in religious countries, where it is forbidden to annul a legal marriage. Why do people get divorced in well-developed countries such as the USA? What makes a family man radically change his own life,Read more

Mothers day dreaming – what we would really like

*collaborative post* For many years I feared my dream of becoming a mother wouldn’t actually come true. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world wasn’t to be when I suffered recurrent miscarriages. I’d been a Nanny for 14 years and had always worked with children, in schools, nurseries and private homes andRead more

8 Popular Types of Driveways

**Collaborative post** A driveway plays a significant role in enhancing your home’s appeal. It is essentially the first feature any visitor sees. It sets the theme for your home. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, a driveway always helps in regulating safety and accessibility. It is essential that a driveway is compatible with your vehicle. SoRead more