5 Tips to Renting Equipment on a Budget in Vancouver

When you need to use heavy equipment for a short period of time, the best bet is to always rent it. Renting heavy equipment is common in Vancouver, and a number of rental companies have sprung to offer such services. As opposed to buying equipment, renting allows you access to the best technologically up-to-date equipmentRead more

Father’s Day with Fox for Dad’s out of this world

Sometimes there is nothing better than putting your feet up and enjoying a good old movie, of course whenever you are flicking through the channels there is either too much choice or nothing on at all. I always find that when we actually have the time to watch something together that there’s nothing available –Read more

Top Tips for Entertaining Children at Weddings

Summer is definitely the season for Weddings, we have 2 more coming up soon and have just returned from a friends wedding in Cornwall – planning that big day is hard enough and we of course all hope for a beautiful sunny day. Living in the UK that of course isn’t always possible but stillRead more