Back to School Settling In – or NOT Settling In

The first few days of a new school year are always hard for the kids, they’ve had 7 weeks away from the school structure and routine. Time doing what they want and when, to an extent, later bedtimes, no homework and of course they haven’t seen most of their friends over that time. If thatRead more

Am I that Mum I’ve never wanted to be?

  I’m supposed to be sleeping, I’ve so much to do. My to-do-list is endless and there’s a sea of washing piling from the basket. It’s the summer holidays you see and I’ve two kids at home and work still to do. I’ve booked up no childcare, I don’t actually really have any anyway yetRead more

What Should Parents Do When Kids Say ‘No’

When Mum answers ‘no’ to kids who are asking permission to play outdoors on a sunny Saturday afternoon, it’s really a stern ‘NO’. And such an answer apparently begets follow up orders like ‘Finish your homework first’, ‘Tidy your room’ or ‘Put the toys away first’. However, kids are clever enough to look for otherRead more