Cleaning with Vileda – Review

We were sent a spring cleaning bundle from Vileda recently, now normally cleaning can be a pain however I think every household needs at least one of these items.

vileda cleaning products,

Now it’s now a hugely exciting item however it has kept Emmy amused for hours.  It is a 1 2 spray mini and is used for cleaning windows, mirrors and other surfaces easily.  You fill the bottle with either window cleaner or with water, spray and clean.  The head is made from microfiber which attracts the dirt and cleans easily, it also swivels 180 degrees.

As you can see it is easy for little hands to use and Emmy went around the house for days finding things to clean, she cleaned the doors and all of my lower kitchen cupboards and then took it upstairs when she had a bath so she could clean the mirrors in the bathroom.  I didn’t ask her too and she loved doing it, infact she has done the same a few more times! Every house needs one for the children.

We were also sent dishcloths, dusters, sponges and scourers which all do what they are supposed to and have now replaced my old worn out ones.

What I am currently eyeing up though is the cleaning robot and think I need one of these in my life!  Now I wonder who I need to suck up to for this to happen?

Disclaimer:  I was sent the cleaning bundle for the purpose of this review, the slave labour came free of charge but was rewarded with a chocolate or two for her help!


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