Cosatto Yo! Ahoy There – Review

Have I told you how much I love my role as a Cosatto Buddy? Really? I’m sure I have.

Cosatto never fail to have such fun designs to their products that I am always getting commented on them, being stopped in the street and asked where I got my buggy and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been asked to swap with friends or with randoms in the street….never more so than with the Yo! Ahoy There.

This buggy will need surgically removing from my hands I think as I love it so much

Whats in the box?
Newborn head hugger
Shoulder pads
Changing bag
Raincover in matching bag

Setting up:
This really couldn’t have been simpler – unwrap from the packaging, then click in the front and back wheels.

Back wheels

Front wheels

These are very easy to attach, the back wheels push into the holes and secure into place by pressing down a little black button while you attach the wheel and depressing secures it in place.  The front wheels are pushed up into the holes while pressing another larger button located just above the holes for the wheels.

The hood comes detached but attaches very easily to the frame.  The footmuff is 4 way reversible changing the look of your pushchair whenever you want and can be used as a buggy liner in the warmer months when hopefully a footmuff is no longer needed.

The front wheels swivel 360 degrees and can be locked into place when needed by pressing up a catch on the front wheel (you need to do this on each front wheel seperately).

Suitable from birth this pushchair lays completely flat and has been used from 13 weeks with Harry who is very comfy in it and also fits my 3 year old in comfortably with head room left and the footmuff still fits her (something which rarely happens as she is tall).

The handles on this buggy are angled for comfort, they are a fixed height as with most strollers just are comfy for me at 5ft 2 and with Paul who is 5ft 11.  They are foam covered with fingers grips which allow you to hold this pushchair comfortably, there are 2 separate handles which does make it slightly harder to push one handed while holding Emmy’s hand.

Matching the station sign perfectly!

I love the eye catching colours of this stroller which are continued inside as well as out.  Outside is a vibrate navy blue and white stripy detailing with a vivid red skull and crossbones on the hood as well as the footmuff.  Inside is a dark blue colour with white skulls and cross bones on the inside of the hood.

It has a very large hood to this which folds and unfolds silently, when folded it is flat and out of the way.

To recline this pushchair you push down on the lever on the back and pull in a downwards motion – the same with most strollers.  To sit back up again you pull upwards on the cord.

The basket on this is large for a stroller, it can easily carry mine and Emmy’s coats on warmer days, or the shopping if we nip to the shops.

It have a lightweight frame of only 7kg and a carry handle so when folded you can carry up and down the stairs at the station and pop into the car boot with ease.  It is slightly longer than most strollers so carrying it this way isn’t an option for me for any great lengths of time – but why would I want to?
It fits easy into the boot of our Primera both length and width ways and fits in comfortably with the Cosatto Giggle still in there too.

The folded size of this is: L-116cms, W-30cms & H-34cms
Unfolded sizes – L-72cms, W- 44cms & H-98cms

Folding this stroller is the same as most strollers I’ve used, press down the red catch on the right while pulling up the red lever on the back just above the basket, gently push the handles forward until it clicks into the catch securing it together.  To unfold – release the catch and pull up the handles.  This isn’t really a pushchair you can put down or up one handed easily – I have done on many occasions but it isn’t easy and Harry does get a little squashed under my arm while I manoeuvre the pushchair around.

There are 2 brake pedals – both do the same thing so you can just press whichever is easiest or closest at the time.  To release the brake put your foot under the pedal and pull up – you can do in flip flops I’ve tried.

It has a very large seat unit which is great for when Emmy need to go in after pre-school as she is so tired, and using the headhugger was great when Harry was small for making him feel very secure.

There is a small integrated footrest area at the bottom of the seatunit, Emmy seems to think this is her step to get into the pushchair so luckily the stripy sides of the footmuff are wipeable as she is always getting marks on them.  As with the Giggle the footmuff has an integrated handmuff which is perfect for Emmy to pop her hands into when she refuses to wear her gloves, Harry is too small for this feature to be of any use just yet but I will be using this for years to come so it will be used then.

Ahoy There, Yo! in the snow

It is a dream to push, silent and easy to steer, coping well with flat, bumpy terrain, grass and snow.  I can not fault this pushchair.

Combined with the free matching accessories of the beautiful changing bag and the raincover in its handy matching bag this is a pushchair I will be hanging onto and using for as long as I possibly can – and it matches in with Harry’s pirate themed bedroom perfectly – it’s almost as if it was made especially for me and Harry!

The changing bag is on the small size and if we are out all day I don’t have enough room in for more than 1 bottle, a change of clothes and a few nappies so I tend to use only when I go out either on my own with Harry or for just nipping out quickly, or I pack all spare clothes into this bag and use my Pink Lining bag instead.

Priced between £220 – £265 it may not be the cheapest stroller but it will last until Harry no longer needs a pushchair anymore. You can find a list of stockists here.

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