Currys Essential Portable DVD Player – Review

After our last weekend away we decided it would be rather helpful to buy a portable DVD player as by the time we arrived in our room at the Premier Inn, had dinner and a run around it was rather late and children’s TV had ended. There is a big demand for convenience nowadays, and that’s important. A head unit that plays dvds can help children sleep quicker, and keep them calm. No matter the situation, they’ll always have their small companion with them.

Emmy likes to wind down before bed with an episode of whatever show is her favourite that week and while we can watch these on our phones having to buy a wifi card from the hotel was a pain.

Moneysupermarket are running an Inspect-A-Gadget initative to try to see if cheaper travel accessories live up to the more expensive brand names.  For this reason they have provided me with the funds to buy an inexpensive DVD player which I have been testing out for a while now.

We have a DVD player from the Currys Essentials range, a 7″ Portable DVD player.

Currys essential 7" dvd player review


  • 7″ Screen size
  • Built in rechargeable battery with up to 2 hours battery life
  • Plays – DVD + R, DVD – R, DVD + RW, DVD – RW, CD – R & CD – RW
  • Includes remote control, mains charger & in car charger
  • Leads to connect to TV

I was rather surprised by this item, I wasn’t expecting all that much if I’m honest, I expected fuzzy picture quality and poor battery life – I was wrong.

The picture quality is really good, even on such a small screen the picture is clear and crisp, the sound is great and the battery does actually last long enough to watch all of one of Emmy’s movies.

It has every thing we could possibly want from a portable DVD player except for being able to play Blue-Ray DVD’s but to be honest Emmy doesn’t have any of those anyway.

This is not the type of player which can be attached to the headrest of a car which may have been useful to us and dual screens is something we will look to buy in the future, however this can be rested on the middle seat and Emmy can watch from there – I wouldn’t trust her not to drop it if it was on her lap so I’m not quite sure this is a very good option for car journeys although the fact it can also play music CD’s has been helpful as currently our car only has a tape player (not that we actually own any tapes anymore, it’s a temporary car).

This has been useful to us at bedtimes when Harry is having his bottle Emmy can watch a DVD in bed happily until I return to her room to start her bedtime routine.

Overall this is a great purchase for only £49.99 and has all features you would expect to find on a more expensive item.

Currys essential 7" dvd player, reviews

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