Day 4 – Battle of Bedtime with my daughter

So 2 nights ago I told you about my start to the Bedtime Battle with Emmy.  I was determined she wasn’t to sleep in my bed any more.

Night 1 saw 27 get up’s and re-settles with me going into her when she was crying or was standing at her gate crying for “Mummies bed”.

Night 2 saw a total of 12 get up’s, so less than half as bad as the night before but introduced a very tired Mummy because as well as getting up 12 times in the night with Emmy (me getting to sleep for the first time at 1.30am with numerous waking after that) but my alarm was set for 6.40am for work the next day.  I had to wake Emmy up in order to leave and the first time ever thought this is what she does to me every night (mean mummy moment) however she was fine.

We had a lovely day at work.  She loves coming with me.  On a Monday I look after 2 girls, one is 2 and a half and her sister has just turned 1.  Emmy adores both girls.  Yesterday saw my first full day there as the girls Mum goes back to work on Wednesday so I will be doing 7.40am-6.30pm every Monday. (previously I have been working 11.30am-6.30pm ish).

Emmy and I dropped the eldest at Pre-School in the Morning along with the girls Mummy, then Emmy, the youngest and I went home for a play and went about our normal morning of naps, playing and cooking.

We all returned to the Pre-School early as Emmy will be attending every Monday along with her friend so went for a short play.  Emmy loved this and went to play in the water along with the other children and was very excited.  She is now constantly talking about HER school and her friends, so I’m sure she will love it.

After all returning home and having lunch the 2 girls at work went for a nap and when they got up we all played on Emmy’s bouncy castle which I had taken in with me.  The girls loved it and bounced nearly all afternoon.

Emmy fell asleep en-route home from work which is very common but was fine as she was already bathed and in her pj’s, she woke when I got home, said Hello to Daddy and went straight to bed.

Night 3 – She was obviously shattered from a very busy day with her friends so its hard to say if she had a better night as she was tired or because I was starting to win the battle but we only had 5 get up’s, so a HUGE improvement.  This was the night I nearly killed her Daddy though…..

I was tired from the last two horrid nights and a full day at work however Daddy is poorly at the moment with a chest infection so I walked the dog and he in charge of re-settling for a bit, he did the first fine however during the second he put her in our bed – I was very cross!!   However he said it was because she was hot and bothered so put our fan on her (if he had asked I would have told him where Emmy’s fan was kept) but he did say he was going to move her back.  I went for a bath and he did as promised, luckily for him she transferred and stayed asleep in her bed only waking 3 more times in total. I would have been livid if she hadn’t transferred but he is forgiven, luckily.

Night 4 – is currently a work in progress, we started with a late night because she had had a nap in the day so I put her to bed and she was asleep at 8.15pm and so far has woken twice…..we will now see what happens.

So far so good, it seems to be decreasing in numbers of get-ups every night by less than half and more importantly I haven’t given in!! Celebrations all round I think and hopefully it lasts.

3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Battle of Bedtime with my daughter

    1. Keep up the good work and she will get there :). I found with Ella as long as you are consistent and dont give in 9 times out of 10 mummy wins :). Eventually she will get bored of waking as she isn't getting to her dream goal which is getting in mummies bed! Keep up the good work :).

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