Emmy is in Croc heaven – Jelly Egg – Review

Those of you who really know Emmy will know she LOVES shoes, almost as much as me, however what she really adores are Crocs.  Now this is probably because she can put them on herself but given the chance she would live in them.

Jelly Egg sell comfy footwear for men, women and children.  The website is very easy to navigate with clear bright categories for Men, Women, kids & Babies, Lifestyle, What’s new, a sale section and probably my favourite was the Brands page – this has all the Brands available on the site meaning if you know what you like you can click on that Brand and see all those only on one page.

Now did you know that there were just so many different Crocs available?  I certainly didn’t – hitting the Crocs brand brings up 41 pages of Crocs!

Looking through the possibilities I was truly surprised at the wide range available, now when I think of Crocs I think of the standard slip-on style yet there are are wedged sandals, work shoes, loafer style crocs, boots, toning shoes and the list goes on.

I narrowed down my selection knowing it was actually Emmy who would wear these more than anyone else, narrowed the selection down to size 8’s and was left with 10 pages to look through.  It was at this stage I let Emmy get involved – I showed her the options and talked through colours, she was adamant she wanted Pink or Purple so we chose those colour options, clicked the girls selection and we had narrowed down our search to 4 pages.

crocs, crocs everywhere

It was then a case of letting Emmy pick what she wanted – I was given a limit of up to £60 to spend on this site.

Emmy and I decided she really wanted some furry lined crocs so she could wear them in the cold weather (she would live in Crocs all year round given the chance).

Together we made our selection on shoes:

Crocs from Jelly Egg

She chose – Handle it Crocs rainboots in Bubblegum colour – £19.99 and Crocband Mammoth shoes in Bubblegum colour which were in the sale for £14.99

We then decided to decorate these with some jibbitz – Emmy hasn’t had any of these before so I chose them for her and surprised her by decorating her Crocs when they arrived.  Jibbitz are Croc decorations – specially made accessories which fit into the holes on any Crocs.

I chose 4 of them for her


Priced at only £1.69 each I can see us buying a few more soon to change the look of her shoes. We also chose some Black Baby Banz for Harry at £14.99.

Our order came to £56.73 however if you like their Facebook page it deducts a £1 off your order.

The delivery was really quick and what did really impress me was the day after I had ordered I had an email to say that the Croc shoes I had ordered were not up-to-scratch and had been noticed when packing, these were the last pair in the size I had ordered so I was given a choice of 3 other pairs to choose from or offered a refund, I chose the same shoe in a darker pink which were actually £24.99 however the extra charge was cancelled and I was charged the same price of the 1st pair. 

Emmy loves her new shoes and is once again living in her Crocs and Harry is a cool dude in his sunnies.

New shoes

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