Every girl wishes for a dressing room and walk-in wardrobe don’t they?

I have lived in my house for around 13 years now, it is a house where my family has grown from just Paul and I, to the addition of Barney 11 and a half year ago, and then of course after we got married and lived life a little Emmy and Harry completed our perfect family.

I was never really one for decorating, in fact until I was pregnant with Emmy the only rooms which we had bothered to change and do something with were the front room as neither Paul or I liked the blue stripy wall paper and blue patterned carpet and of course the hall which was a hideous green colour.

When I was pregnant with Emmy I decorated her Nursery in a neutral brown Teddy Bear theme, this lasted until she was 4 and she’d outgrown it so we redecorated so she had a big girls bedroom, Harry’s I decorated in a Pirate theme so it would last and at 3 and a half he still loves it!

Our bedroom has never been touched, it is on the cards for hopefully next year but as is always the way our own plans and needs are pushed aside for things the children want and need.

Before then I want to move Harry into the bigger bedroom which is currently the spare room, to give him more space.  He loves playing in his bedroom and having the box room means he doesn’t really have the room to do this, so this summer we plan to move him across.

Of course we could then turn his old room into a spare room…..OR it would make a perfect dressing room for Emmy and I!  Let’s face it every girl no matter how old they are would love a dressing room and a walk in wardrobe wouldn’t they?

I’ve even planned it all out – it would just need repainting from Blue to a Silver/Grey colour and a few choice furniture pieces added.

Dressing room

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