Family trips that dreams are made of!

Is it your child’s birthday, or does a loved one look like they’re at breaking point? If you want to see them smile, and you’re prepared to do so by any means, then planning and booking a trip for them might just be the way to make their year unforgettable. The right choice can really make their dreams come true! Whether you want to take them for dinner, send them to London for the day or go all out and fly them abroad, there are absolutely tons of options.

Why not prove you’re capable of springing a surprise or two with a trip of a lifetime at one of the Disney resorts? You can stay within the EU and go to Paris (complete with a romantic trip to the Eiffel tower if you’re going with a partner… ooo lala!), or you can jet off further afield to America or even Asia! Careful, as these types of trips are often costly, especially in peak season. Saying that though, there are plenty of options for all budgets, so don’t rule out big adventures altogether. If you’re stuck when you’re abroad, you can always get family and friends to send over a helping hand (through services like Azimo). Obviously, you’re better to budget before you go, but little emergencies do happen!
There is, in fact, one way you can make everyone happy with just one step. Just because it’s not strictly ‘holiday season’ anymore, doesn’t mean you all have to miss out! Why not look at a property abroad for your family to enjoy some great holidays together for years to come? This sounds ridiculously costly, but it’s an investment. Tenerife Estate Agents are a great example of a company who can help UK families to get a dream property, at a fraction of the cost of living over here. (Fancy moving while you’re at it?!).

ITNG Live at the O2 2012
Perhaps your partner can’t take time out of work, or you’re not interesting in going that far, so a trip to London for a day trip or even a weekend could be ideal. We tend to take our capital city for granted, but it really offers up so much. Millions of people label it the best city in the world, and it’s a matter of minutes (or hours) away from most of us, so why not take advantage of it? Perhaps take your older children to London to see their dream concert at the O2 Arena on the Friday night, then go shopping during the Saturday daytime, and, for the daring, follow it up with a visit to the Jack The Ripper Walk. This historical walk takes place each evening, each night, and it’s truly a must-see tour – although obviously exercise caution with younger kids!


There’s many reasons to make somebody smile, and so hopefully you can work with these unique ideas to do just that. Everyone loves a special treat!

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