Fruit Smoothies for Breakfast #MilkDrinkersMilk

Breakfast time in our house can be challenging especially on school days as we are always short on time.  Getting the children ready for school and out of the door by 8.30am means everything can be rushed especially on the few occasions they sleep in until 7.30am (it happens occasionally and only on school days – why can’t children sleep in on the weekends?).
I am not a perfect Mum, I’ve never claimed to be and nor would I actually want to be – I cut corners and sometimes do things for an easy life, to save arguments at times, I pick my fights and on school mornings I don’t have the time to deal with the tantrums if I’m honest.  For this reason I let the children have their breakfast in the front room watching TV.  It means they eat it without a fight while I have a shower and get dressed.
They are set in their ways too and never vary too much with their breakfast choices, cereal, milk and if they are still hungry they will have some toast.  They will often have their cereals dry and drink a glass of milk at the same time.
In a bid to up their fruit intake I have been making them fruit smoothies to have at breakfast time instead of just their milk, and it has been a huge hit with them.
Thankfully smoothies are really quick and easy to make and have always been loved by Emmy and Harry, they loved our Strawberry and Banana Smoothies made with added Ready Brek which made them more filing and this week have been enjoying Banana Smoothies, Strawberry Smoothies and Berries with added Flaxseeds (don’t tell them they were added or they won’t try again).  The green smoothies haven’t gone done well though but I am not at all surprised there.
I’ve been letting the children help with the smoothie making process, they add the ingredients into my Nutri-bullet and together we whizz up.  By adding to pretty milk bottles which I purchased on a whim over the summer has been an added bonus as the children love these bottles and they feel like grown-ups.
Smoothies don’t have to be packed with different ingredients they can be as varied as you like, and made to your individual tastes.  I love mine rammed with fresh berries and seeds while Emmy and Harry far prefer to have only one ingredient and their milk mostly.
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2 thoughts on “Fruit Smoothies for Breakfast #MilkDrinkersMilk

  1. Ooh this is such a good idea! My two really vary at breakfast time too and when we're doing the nursery run we're often short on time so smoothies sound like a great idea.x

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