Girl’s best friend or just strange?

We have always known that Emmy loved our Dog Barney as she is always playing with him, cuddling him, looking for him and constantly walks around the house shouting “Barn”.  He loves her too, I mean why wouldn’t he – she feeds him all her scraps, her dinner when she doesn’t want to eat it, she throws the ball for him.

She is the one who even though he has had a morning walk grabs his lead and demands we take him for another 2 or more walks during the day, she can throw a ball for him using the the ball launcher and giggles her head off when he runs after it or the laser pointer in the evenings.

Now, it may seem funny and it did to us at first however Emmy now thinks she is a dog!  Stop laughing, she really does.

She keeps picking up her toys and even the dogs toys in her mouth, making Daddy throw them for her again and ‘fetching’ them. 

Ok, you can giggle a little, it is quiet funny!

She can actually teach Barney a thing or two, at least when she fetches the ball she brings it back and drops it at our feet, more than Barney does.

This week however she has taken to grabbing the dog’s lead and trying to wrap it around her waist and making Daddy walk her around on the lead.  I think this is a step to far – but I love her imagination and it’s cute watching her figure out what she wants and usually getting her own way and making Daddy do it. 

She has even started to copy Barney’s training and will sit when you ask Barney to and lay down when Barney is asked to.  Recently she has started begging and giving her hand (paw) and when daddy asked for a kiss she licked his face!

Now I ask you – Is Barney her best friend or is my daughter strange?

5 thoughts on “Girl’s best friend or just strange?

  1. hi just started reading your blog and a light bulb went on! my mum has two dogs and my sister a puppy. She is with them alot in the afternoons and loves ordering them around and getting into their beds with them and playing wiht there toys. She is two and loves to come and try and lick my face/nose and then cannot stop laughing! think you blog has made me wonder if she is letting the dogs "kiss" her and away to phone my mum to find out. We thought she was just strange as she only does it to me and hubby but now i dont feel the need to run looking for a psychiatrist

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