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Emily has always been a bad sleeper, well she sleeps well but getting her to sleep and to stay in her room if she wakes is a different matter.
Harry has recently begun to follow suit too, popping himself into my bed in the early hours.
This isn’t something I want to continue so we have introduced the Gro Clock to him in the hopes that we can teach him when it is ok to get out of bed and wake us up.
I’m not unrealistic,  I’m not asking for an 8am start (yes 8am to me is a lie-in these days), what I’m looking for is not to be woken before 6am.
The Gro Clock is a visual aid for young children which can help to teach them when it is time to go to bed and to get up again.  Parents set the clock to the time your child goes to bed and set the wake up clock to the time they are allowed to get up.
The clock changes to night time (moon and blue face) at the set bed time and then in the morning changes to day time (yellow and the sun). As it is very visual the child can instantly see if the clock is still blue in the night then it’s not time to wake up yet, perfect for those who can’t yet tell the time.
There are stars around the edge of this clock as a countdown guide, another visual aid for the children. The stars countdown as the night time hours dissappear,  so if there are only a few stars showing they know it’s almost time but not yet,  and if there are lots of stars they know it’s not morning for a long time so should go back to sleep.
We’ve been using this with Harry for a while now and he enjoys seeing the moon come up and tells us it’s time for bed,  thankfully he is usually tired so happy to go to sleep.  He hasn’t got the waking part fully yet but is happy to go back into his room if I ask him “is the sun awake on the clock yet?” he hasn’t sussed out not leaving the room until this appears but is happy to get back into my bed and go back to sleep if the sun is still sleeping.
It’s a start!
There is also an option to set a nap time on this.
I love how visual and bright this clock is, it could also double up as a nightlight.
The downside is that I hadn’t realised there was a parental lock feature and was getting annoyed with the kids changings the settings – there actually is this feature and now The Gro Company have shown me how to use it I love this clock even more and they kids can touch as much as they like (as kids do!).

This is available from and costs Β£29.99

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107 thoughts on “Gro clock: Helping with bedtime routines & Giveaway – CLOSED

  1. I don't know my children are adults now with children of their own – but when the grandchildren stay at our house its normally around 6 a.m.

  2. The youngest wakes about 5.00am in summer and only a little later in winter. We've had our eye on these super clocks for a while as they would help a great deal.

  3. My grand-daughter wakes about 5.00am in summer which is so very tryng for my daughter,winter is good as it's usually around 7 but a bit later would be wonderful.She's three now so this clock would be ideal as she can grasp the concept.

  4. Mine are up at 7am to be ready leaving for school at 8.15am I do enjoy having a lie in on the weekend though xx

  5. Ted has just started getting up and coming to our bed before 6am, not 100% sure as I try not to look and stay asleep! We have resorted to putting the baby gate on our door so he gets up sees it and goes back to bed!! Maybe a groclock would help!!

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