How to make: Upcycled Bedside Table – Pirate Themed

Since moving Harry into a single bed one of the things his room had been lacking was a bedside table, somewhere to put his milk, night light and book after lights out.
I was gifted a plain white bedside table from my best friend as she has getting rid of it, it had been pine originally but she painted white – a perfect size for Harry’s small bedroom but in need of a little TLC.
To tie it into his Pirate themed bedroom I have given it a mini make-over and upcycled this bedside table with a Pirate theme:
What I used:
  • Sand Paper
  • Paradiso Valspar Wood Paint
  • Pirate wall paper – I purchased a roll of this for £9 and will be using for other projects
  • PVA glue
  • Sticky Back Plastic
  • 2 x Paint Brushes
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
How to:

  • Firstly remove the drawers and unscrew the drawer handles
  • Sand down any rough edges and lightly sand down the top of the unit and the fronts of the drawers
  • Using masking tape, tape around the areas you don’t want to get your coloured paint onto – this isn’t necessary if you are painting all one colour – I wanted to leave a white border so took a little extra time to cover those
  • Paint the sides and drawer handles with your coloured paint – I also painted the wood showing below the drawers
  • While this is drying, cut the wrapping paper to fit the front of the drawers and the unit top.
  • Cover the top of the unit with a thin layer of PVA glue (if you use too much glue it will seep out of the sides when you smooth down and become bumpy), slowly smooth the wallpaper into place.  I found using a clean cloth a perfect way to secure into place, smooth out the bumps and avoid any marks on the paper
  • Do the same with the fronts of the drawers
  • Leave to dry for a few hours
  • Cover the wallpaper in sticky back plastic (you could varnish instead), this will help to prolong the life of the paper and you will be able to wipe down the unit – handy for sticky fingers and marks
  • Screw the handles back into place and replace the drawers
Trash 2 Treasure

Disclaimer: Valspar provided me with the paint used for this project.

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One thought on “How to make: Upcycled Bedside Table – Pirate Themed

  1. I love what you have created here Clare, it is such a professional looking job and would have cost you so much to go out and buy. the Sticky back plastic is a genius idea to keep the wallpaper clean for longer. I hope Harry is pleased with his new addition to the room. Thank you so much for sharing with me over on #Trash2Treasure

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