Next week is National #BreakfastWeek 24th-30th January

I’ll start this post by saying something I’ve said many times before ‘I hate mornings’, there is nothing particularly different to mornings which I hate but I guess the dark start,  lack of sleep due to my unsettled children and the constant bed hopping throughout the night and morning rush always puts me in a bad mood and that’s before the arguments and ‘I don’t want to go to school’ chants start.

I guess my unsettled nights aren’t about to change anytime soon however with national #Breakfastweek starting on 24th January and running until 30th and the fact I have teamed up with Nestle to help shake up our wake up routine, I am on a mission to become less grumpy in the mornings and to actually sit down and eat breakfast for the week.

Most mornings I grab a cup of strong coffee, get the children’s breakfast ready and then battle the morning routine of getting ready and out of the house for 8.30am.  I very rarely have time for breakfast myself, I’m lucky if I actually get to drink my coffee before it’s gone cold and 3 days out of 5 have been known to pop it into the microwave to heat up when I’ve returned from the school run at 9.30am (ish).

I will be changing my routine for this forthcoming week and making sure I have time for breakfast this week, before I leave the house with the children to head off on the school run.  I will be making sure I get all the children’s school bags and Harry’s lunchbox ready the night before, lay out their uniform and clothes and get mine out ready to wear the night before.

I will be trying my best to ensure we eat a different breakfast each day during Breakfast Week to help us shake up our wake up and will let you know if it made any difference to my day and my grumpiness.

To help us to shake up our wake up Nestle organised a surprise family treat for us, we found out what they had planned for us around 2 hours before being whisked off. I will be revealing our surprise shake up next week but will say we all had a great day outside.

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