HP Envy 4500 printer review

It’s been a while now since we received our HP Envy 4500 e-AiO Printer so I thought it about time I talked you through all the features which I am currently loving.

The HP Envy 4500 e-AiO Printer is a wireless printer which is also a scanner and a copier all in one machine.

It is actually quite compact too.

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My old printer was wireless and was almost double the size of this. 

I think my ALL time favourite feature of this machine is that by downloading an app to my smartphone and my tablet I am now able to print directly from them.  I can open an email on my phone and am able to print it straight off if I wanted too – this is really handy for receipts or for directions for blogging events, train timetables etc. – those quick jobs where I really don’t want to get the laptop out.

I can also take a photo on my phone and then print it straight away (well as long as I am at home), which is very handy when Emmy has friends over to play and I’ve taken a picture of them playing – I can then give the parents that picture directly without having to save the picture to my computer and then print.

The quality of the photo’s when printed on a good quality photo paper is amazing, it is like I have sent them to a print shop.  This is something my old printer wasn’t great at, the photo’s would be dull looking even with a new ink cartridge the results were the same, meaning I rarely printed them at home.  Since this printer arrived I have taken full use of printing my own and am currently part way through a project for Emmy’s bedroom – a family tree.

This is still a work in progress and I want to add the grandparent’s and cousin’s if there is room – I think I may need to double up with some windows.  This photo-board house is something I bought when Emmy was a baby however I never got around to filling with photo’s for her.  It is now in her bedroom and she loves it.

Being a wireless printer makes my life easier as I blog in the evenings on the sofa, the printer lives in the kitchen on top of the kids toy shelving unit and being able to just press print without the need to plug the laptop into the printer saves so much time and energy – plus the fact I would loose the leads, I always do.

I’ve used the copy option on this a few times, it comes in especially handy currently when Emmy has a favourite colouring page in a magazine or colouring book, I can copy it and print it out so she has a few of the same page, perfect for her little brother who has to have the same as her at the moment (as brothers do).

Being able to scan is also handy as I can then quickly email a copy of a letter over quickly, scan in certificates and important documents for safe keeping.

There is the option for double sided printing and borderless photo printing too. 

I’ve already shown you how to make a personalised birthday card in 5 minutes using the HP Photo Creations Design Centre and talked about the HP Live photo app where you can bring your photo’s to life through video!

This printer costs £65 which I think s great value for money and I have used this loads since it arrived in December and I’m yet to change the print cartridge.

Disclaimer: We received this printer in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.  We will be showing you other HP apps and features soon.

21 thoughts on “HP Envy 4500 printer review

  1. I love that you can print the photo from your phone strait away, that would be great in this house with the amount of photos we have to take for projects and brownie badges etc!

  2. This looks great!! I have a HP printer and at first glance I thought it must be quite similar but mine is a few years old now and your one has so many tempting features

  3. That looks awesome! I'm so impressed with the quality of those pictures, ours come out like your old one – looking really flat and dull! I think the price is excellent too! x

  4. Wow, you can print direct from your phone? That is probably the biggest selling point on a printer I have ever seen!!! I am envious of your printer too!

  5. interesting post, i know what id be using it for if i had one printing vouchers for freebies n money off hehe my bf has a kodac printer but i dont use it or he be moaning about money to replace inks hehe so insted i normaly get company to send me vouchers but wish they make a small printer to use with my hpchromebook

  6. HP really do make the best printers. Love the ePrint app we can use with ours. We can email our printer from anywhere in the world too and it will print if turned on!!

  7. We really ought to get a new printer – we've not had one for ages. I'm SO fussy about print quality though as I'm used to the top dog ones in school!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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