I’m Thankful for…..

Today I’ve been thankful for one on one time with my little man.

As much as I love Emmy it has been lovely having her at school all day today. Don’t get me wrong I miss her dearly when she is gone but on a Thursday for 6 hours I get to spend quality time with Harry.

This is something we lack.

It happens with all second children I’m sure, I remember spending hours with Emmy when she was small building towers, playing and spending quality time together.

Today with Emmy at school I went into town as I had banking to do (finally I’m getting around to opening Harry a bank account), I then popped to the shops to get the rest of Emmy’s birthday presents while Harry napped in the buggy.  He woke as we arrived home (after a nice long hour and a half sleep). 

When we arrived home Harry and I had a lovely play session:

  • Books were read
  • Towers built
  • Cars played with
  • Instruments banged and crashed
  • Songs sung
  • We kissed
  • Cuddled
  • Had lunch quietly together

It was a lovely afternoon.

Jobs waited, washing stayed in the machine and the hooving will be done tomorrow.

Today was our day and it was fun.

I’ve linked up with Adventures of a Monkey Footed Mummy in her Thankful Thursday Linky.  Do pop over to see what others are thankful for.

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