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Recently Harry was sent a very cute pram toy by Tots and Tiddlers, this is a series of wooden colourful animal shapes and a bell on an elasticated string which clips either side of his buggy so he can play with it when strapped in. 

Sometimes Harry gets bored in the pram and being very young he will often throw his toys out of the pram when he has had enough, bored or lets face it just for fun as Mummy then has to pick them up.

This Pram toy (Heimess farm string) is great as he as yet hasn’t managed to pull it off, so it saves my back and the tantrums when his toys have disappeared from view.

Heimess pram string

This cute wooden series of farm animals include:

  • a sheep
  • a cow
  • a house/barn
  • a pig
  • a duck
  • a bell
  • and coloured balls

All of these can rotate on the string and Harry loves spinning them and trying to eat them too.

Emmy loves showing him the animals and teaching him the sounds they make.

This is priced at £16.99 and fits across all buggy’s and strollers.

Harry was also sent a matching Heimess Farm touch ring rattle toy which features the same animals, coloured balls and a bell.

This is like an over sized bracelet and he love placing it on his ankles and wrists.  The large size makes is easy to hold on to and the shapes all spin around on a piece of elastic like the pram string.

It also makes a perfect size teething toy too – this is priced at £6.99 and is a perfect size to keep in the changing bag for on the go entertainment when needed.

Heimess farm touch ring

2 thoughts on “In pram entertainment #Review

  1. Looks like a nice toy for his age. We had a great dangling sheep thing that our boys loved when they travelled in their pram. Without that sheep life would have been a lot more difficult.

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